Newhouse K&L Sneeker 423 scores +323 gNVI

We already knew that Newhouse K&L Sneeker 423 had a very high genomic index in Germany (+158 gRZG), and now we know that she also has high genomics in the Netherlands. The Snowflake daughter gained over 70 points and has now +323 gNVI, which makes her one of the highest animals in the Netherlands.

Sneeker 423 is a daughter of Newhouse Sneeker 422 VG-86 (Stol Joc) and a granddaughter of Newhouse Sneeker 247 VG-89 (O Man), the dam of the daughter proven bulls Newhouse Banker and Gofast.

Newhouse K&L Sneeker 423 is born through the K&L Embryoprogram and owned by K&L.
Please contact Boudewijn Koole (06-24217748) for more information about Sneeker 423.

Newhouse Sneeker 422 VG-86, Stol Joc daughter out of Sneeker 247

Newhouse Sneeker 247 VG-89, O Man dam of Gofast and grand dam of Banker