Bouw Holsteins - Jan Bouw


Genomic index DEU: +160 GRZG (2022-12)

Production 2114 M -0.06%F -0.22%P 80 F 49 P 142 RZM
Health 126 RZN 120 RZS 113 RZR 121 RZGes 2508 RZ€
Type 112 KÖR 117 MTY 128 EUT 110 FUN 134 RZE

Genomic index USA: +2780 GTPI (2022-12)

Production 1427 M 0.04%F -0.03%P 66 F 35 P 758 NM
Health +5.6 PL 2.76 SCS +0.6 DPR
Type 1.44 UDC 1.19 F&L 1.77 PTAT

Genomic index NLD: +356 GNVI (2022-12; R&W)

Production 2645 M -0.32%F -0.28%P 84 F 65 P 483 INET
Health 676 LVD 105 UGH 112 CGT 105 VRU
Type 102 FR 106 RB 114 UI 102 BE 110 TOT


De Oosterhof 3STAR Aika Red


Batouwe Wm Aimee RDC

2.05 305d 8.124kgM 4.61%F 375kgF 3.43%P 279kgP

Mark RDC

Batouwe Ailisha Salva Red VG-85

2.07 305d 9.065kgM 4.79%F 434kgF 3.49%P 317kgP
3.08 305d 9.038kgM 4.32%F 390kgF 3.40%P 307kgP

Red Salvatore from the Kamps-Hollow Durham Altitude family

Salvatore RDC

NRP Alisha RDC VG-89

Lifetime: 1.613d 48.648kgM 4.87%F 2.369kgF 3.69%P 1.795kgP

Great broodcow, VG-89 and in 5th lacation! Red Carrier Rubicon from the Kamps-Hollow Durham Altitude EX-95 family From the family that has delivered Advent Red, Jotan Red, Acme RDC, Big Apple and many others

Next generations

  • A-L-H Australia RDC VG-87 (s. Supersire)
    Lovely Supersire granddaughter of KHW Goldwyn Aiko RDC EX-91
  • KHW Alxndr Ayako RDC VG-85 (s. Alexander)
  • KHW Goldwyn Aiko RDC EX-91 (s. Goldwyn)
    Former Red Impact Cow of the Year Holstein International
  • Kamps-Hollow Durham Altitude RDC EX-95 (s. Durham)
    Dam to Advent-Red, Jotan-Red & Acme RC
  • Clover-Mist Alisha RDC EX-93 (s. Prelude)
  • Clover-Mist Augy Star RDC EX-94 (s. Jubilant RF)