Bouw Holsteins - Jan Bouw


Genomic index DEU: +153 GRZG (2023-12)

Production 1189 M 0.04%F -0.05%P 53 F 36 P 130 RZM
Health 131 RZN 120 RZS 116 RZR 125 RZGes 2262 RZ€
Type 88 KÖR 109 MTY 116 EUT 122 FUN 121 RZE

Genomic index NLD: +285 GNVI (2023-12; R&W)

Production 1613 M -0.25%F -0.22%P 48 F 36 P 275 INET
Health 940 LVD 105 UGH 105 CGT 105 VRU
Type 92 FR 99 RB 109 UI 99 BE 102 TOT


Bouw Cartoon Bonny P Red

Cartoon P Red


2.00 305d 9.192kgM 4.61%F 424kgF 3.17%P 291kgP

From the proven cow family of Misty Springs Mom Brenna RDC VG-86 (s. Man-O-Man), dam of the Canadian proven sire Swissbec Brekem RDC and the Swiss type topper Schrago Brenaco-Red. Also proven sires as Bipper Bruno-Red, West Port Bookman-Red & Bravisi-Red and the Swiss top type sire Schrago Brenaco-Red are from this renown Canadian cow family.

Best Benz

Basic PP RDC GP-83

2.10 305d 7.985kgM 4.66%F 372kgF 3.68%P 294kgP
3.11 305d 10.404kgM 4.41%F 459kgF 3.56%P 371kgP

Dam of 3STAR HWH Globed P Red @QNT (top 10 gRZG 8-2022) & 3STAR HWH Bambam P @Xenetica Fontao and numerous proven sires from this family, including Swissbec Brekem RDC, sister to Sam P Red (Spark) @Masterrind

Hotspot P

Brigitta PP RDC VG-87

LA1 305d 9.019kgM 4.17%F 376kgF 3.59%P 324kgP
LA2 305d 10.526kgM 4.04%F 425kgF 3.52%P 371kgP
LA4/3 305d 10.066kgM 4.02%F 405kgF 3.52%P 354kgP

Dam of proven bull Sam Red P @Masterrind (top 10 bull)

Next generations

  • MAR Belami P Red GP-83 (s. Chipper-P)
    Dam of Aro PP Red (s. Apoll P Red) @ Masterrind
  • Swissbec Bookem Britania RDC GP-84 (s. Bookem)
  • Misty Springs Mom Brenna RDC VG-86 (s. Man-O-Man)
    Dam of Swissbec Brekem RDC (s. Bookem)
  • Misty Springs MB Brighter Red VG-87 (s. Mr Burns RC)
    Former no. 3 LPI RW cow in Canada
  • Misty Springs Sept Bright Red VG-88 (s. September Storm)
  • Misty Spring Talent Bridget Red VG-88 (s. Talent)