Bouw Holsteins - Jan Bouw


Genomic index DEU: +143 GRZG (2023-08)

Production 669 M 0.41%F 0.17%P 69 F 40 P 136 RZM
Health 116 RZN 124 RZS 109 RZR 115 RZGes 1869 RZ€
Type 110 KÖR 95 MTY 99 EUT 120 FUN 112 RZE

Genomic index NLD: +307 GNVI (2023-08; R&W)

Production 1465 M 0.12%F -0.02%P 77 F 51 P 392 INET
Health 630 LVD 105 UGH 111 CGT 106 VRU
Type 104 FR 102 RB 105 UI 108 BE 108 TOT


Bouw Rovelli Rozan Red

Rovelli Red

Bouw Andy Raisa Red GP-83

2.10 305d 11.451kgM 4.36%F 499kgF 3.47%P 398kgP

Granddaughter of 'Red Impact Cow Of The year 2020' nominee Rose VG-87 Same family as Holbra Manoa VG-85 and matriarch Golden-Oaks Mark Prudence EX-95


Bouw Apprentice Rosanne-ET RDC GP-82

2.02 305d 10.525kgM 4.19%F 441kgF 3.17%P 334kgP
3.02 305d 13.797kgM 3.81%F 526kgF 3.23%P 446kgP
4.04 305d 13.318kgM 4.03%F 536kgF 3.24%P 432kgP

Apprentice RDC

De Oosterhof Dg Rose RDC VG-89

Lifetime: 1.810d 64.654kgM 4.78%F 3.090kgF 3.59%P 2.321kgP

Just fresh with her 5TH calf (9-2023) Red Impact Cow of the Year 2022 nominee! Super transmitting cow, several sons in AI and granddam of 3STAR OH Red Ranger @ Semex!! High genomics in several systems and dam of the No. 1 GTPI red heifer worldwide Rose RDC combines production and superior health traits including high fertility

Next generations

  • Telgter Aikman Doreen RDC GP-83 (s. Aikman RDC)
  • Holbra Manoa VG-85 (s. Man-O-Man)
  • Holbra Pam VG-87 (s. Mascol)
    Lifetime: 2062d 73.468kgM 4.46%F 3274kgF 3.57%P 2620kgP
  • Sunday ALH Prudence VG-88 (s. Durham)
  • Mayerlane-DK Hiawatha EX-90 (s. Rudolph)
  • Golden-Oaks Mark Prudence EX-95 (s. Chief Mark)
    Next dam EX-91 Sexation x EX-93 Elevation x EX-94 Highmark x EX-91 Bootmaker Lee x EX-90 Mingo x VG-85 Star Man x VG-86 Rag Apple