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National champion Cosmo 1836 takes 3rd title in one lactation!

At the FDV Wintershow, several GenHotel members presented their best cows to compete for the titles. Drouner Cosmo 1836, the national champion bred and owned by the Albring family, was among the well-known names. The competition was tough, and the event saw more impressive cows, including the Grand Champion of the Veekeuring Balk Het Uilenreef Charity 16 EX-91.... Read more


GenHotel members sell their best genetics!

On Friday, October the 20th, some GenHotel members will be offering heifers from some of the best cow families in the world at the 'Nosbish Dispersal & German Masters Sale'! In addition to live in Niederweis, the German-based-sale can also be followed online via a livestream.... Read more


Number 1 gTPI Gameday for Neppelenbroek!

The Holstein Association USA and CDCB have published the genomic results for the month of July. For the newly tested females, this has once again delivered good results for GenHotel members with heifers in the top of Europe... Read more


The next excellent Hellen, at Neppelenbroek

Once again a great classification result brought another honor to Neppelenbroek's name. Last week, the third lactation Maple-Downs-I G W Atwood daughter Hellen 1, was able to move up her classification score. With this stunning score, Atwood Hellen 1 is the fourth excellent generation from the Jimm Holstein Hellen cow family!... Read more


Charity 16 granted with Excellent!

2022 Was the year for Charity 16! The very fancy Our-Favorite Undenied, owned by Neppelenbroek and Koevar Holsteins, appeared several times in the spotlights this year. However, the second calver Brookview Tony Charity EX-97 offspring managed to hit an extra milestone after several show successes!... Read more


GenHotel welcomes Neppelenbroek as a member!

New member at GenHotel is Robert Neppelenbroek. Robert is employed as a breeding specialist at an international breeding organization and he also knows how to put his passion into breeding with his own successful heifers. In several years breeding he has created some talented females in terms of both show type and index.... Read more

A Brookview Tony Charity

Charity 4 VG-88

VG-88 Atwood x EX-91 Million x EX-91 Duplex

Second in her Junior category at the HHH Show 2018

Charity 4 VG-86

VG-86 Jedi x VG-89 Goldwyn x EX-91 Duplex

Charity 17

Doc x EX-91 Undenied x VG-86 Jedi

Woodcrest King Doc from the fancy A Brookview Tony Charity family. Tremendous gPTAT score!

Het Uilenreef Charity 16 EX-91

EX-91 Undenied x VG-86 Jedi x VG-89 Goldwyn

9th generation of VG/EX in a row!

Charity 52

Tatoo x VG-88 Atwood x EX-91 Million

Stylish cow family!

Charity 53

Tatoo x VG-88 Atwood x EX-91 Million

Jimm Holstein Hellen

Mogul Hellen EX-90

EX-90 Mogul x EX-94 Shottle x EX-93 Goldwyn

The 22nd Excellent Mogul in the Netherlands! Senior Champion @Veekeuring Balk, 2022

KHW Regiment Apple-Red

Doc Asia

Doc x VG-87 Tatoo x VG-88 Modesty

Top King Doc offspring from the world's most famous show & brood cows ever: KHW Regiment Apple-Red EX-96 At least 9 generations of VG/EX!

Prairie Hoeve Marie


Doc x Jacoby x EX-92 Goldwyn

Granddaughter of the stunning Dutch show cow Prairie Hoeve Marie 356 EX-92!

MS Welcome Colby Taya


Parfect x Doc x VG-86 Montross

Parfect with >3000 gTPI

RN Parfect Tahaya 3

Parfect x Doc x VG-86 Montross

Tahaya 4

Parfect x Doc x VG-86 Montross

Different & outcorss pedigree 

Tahaya 6

Parfect x Doc x VG-86 Montross

Great total index with complete type traits

Gamdeday Tahaya 1

Gameday x Parfect x Doc

Top 15 GTPI heifer in whole Europe!

RN Sheepster Tahaya

Sheepster x Parfect x Doc

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