R. Neppelenbroek - Robert Neppelenbroek


Genomic index USA: +2013 GTPI (2022-08)

Production -289 M 0.09%F 0.06%P 13 F 9 P -69 NM
Health -1.4 PL 3.03 SCS -4.0 DPR
Type 1.12 UDC 0.92 F&L 2.39 PTAT

1 Progeny

s. Hullabaloo
+2322 GTPI 


Charity 53


Charity 4 VG-88

2.01 305d 11.947kgM 4.21%F 503kgF 334.0%P 3990kgP
3.07 305d 11.401kgM 4.62%F 527kgF 3.8%P 433kgP
4.11 305d 11.779kgM 4.81%F 567kgF 3.16%P 372kgP

Second in her Junior category at the HHH Show 2018


Giessen Charity 44 EX-91

3.00 305d 10.572kgM 4.12%F 435kgF 3.62%P 383kgP
4.10 305d 12.491kgM 4.63%F 579kgF 3.36%P 420kgP
5.10 305d 11.071kgM 4.59%F 508kgF 3.78%P 418kgP

Great showcow from the Charity family


Giessen Charity 14 EX-91

2.03 305d 10.447kgM 3.96%F 413kgF 3.59%P 375kgP
4.07 305d 13.150kgM 4.08%F 537kgF 3.69%P 485kgP
6.09 305d 13.450kgM 3.61%F 486kgF 3.66%P 492kgP

From the Brookview Tony Charity EX-97 family

Next generations

  • Giessen Charity 4 VG-88 (s. Stormatic)
  • Charity 504 EX-94 (s. Starleader)
    Grand Champion NRM 2004
  • Hanover-Hill Raider Char EX-90 (s. Raider)
  • Hanover-Hill SWD Charity EX-94 (s. Valiant)
  • A Brookview Tony Charity EX-97 (s. Matt Tony)