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Kaylee v/h Zomerbloemhof

At Van het Zomerbloemhof, the Lahousse family in Belgium, the picture of Kaylee v/h Zomerbloemhof is added to her page. Kaylee is a VG-87 EDG Rubicon... Read more


Iwood V/H Zomerbloemhof classified VG-88

Atwood daughter Iwood V/H Zomerbloemhof is classified VG-88 at Van Het Zomerbloemhof. Iwood is the Reserve Champion of the Provincial show in Gistel (West-Flanders) and hails from a very deep cowfamily with a lot of longevity.... Read more

KHW Regiment Apple-Red / Kamps-Hollow Durham Altitude

Jappelien V/h Zomerbloemhof RDC VG-86

VG-86 Aikman RDC x EX-90 Shottle x EX-96 Regiment

Very high RC Aikman granddaughter of KHW Regiment Apple-Red

Kwebbel V/H Zomerbloemhof RDC GP-84

GP-84 Yoder x VG-85 Sympatico RF x EX-92 Talent RF

Red carrier Yoder from the KHW Regiment Apple-Red family

Lacolien V/H Zomerbloemhof

Rubicon x VG-86 Aikman RDC x EX-90 Shottle

Fancy Rubicon great-granddaughter of KHW Regiment Apple-Red

Modesta V/H Zomerbloemhof

Modesty x EX-90 Numero Uno x EX-96 Regiment

Great healht traits and high type from the Altitude family

Minou V/H Zomerbloemhof RDC

Apprentice RDC x GP-84 Yoder x VG-85 Sympatico RF

Red Carrier Apprentice from the KHW Regiment Apple-Red family

Giessen Cinderella / C Glenridge Citation Roxy

Kemelia V/H Zomerbloemhof VG-86

VG-86 Rubicon x Numero Uno x EX-90 Atwood

Great pedigree from the Roxy family

Marcia V/H Zomerbloemhof

Legendary x VG-86 Rubicon x Numero Uno

High GNVI / GTPI Legendary from the Roxy family

Kaylee V/H Zomerbloemhof VG-87

VG-87 Rubicon x Numero Uno x EX-90 Atwood

High Rubicon from the Roxy family

Inderella V/H Zomerbloemhof VG-88

VG-88 Let It Snow x VG-85 AltaIota x VG-87 Goldwyn

Great pedigree from the Giessen Cinderella family

Michaella V/H Zomerbloemhof

Legendary x VG-88 Let It Snow x VG-85 AltaIota

Legendary daughter of Inderella V/H Zomerbloemhof

Koepon Regenia / Regan-Joy Durham Regenia

Liesbeth V/H Zomerbloemhof GP-84

GP-84 Silver x VG-87 Mack x VG-85 Epic

High Silver backed by the Mr Sam and Mr Samuelo family

Seagull-Bay Manat Mirage / CMV Melwood Mindy

Lola V/H Zomerbloemhof VG-86

VG-86 Reflector x GP-83 AltaJackman x VG-88 Shamrock

High GNVI Reflector

MD-Delight Durham Atlee / MS Kingstead Chief Adeen

Kiekie V/H Zomerbloemhof VG-85

VG-85 Commander x GP-82 O-Style x Planet

Very high GNVI Commander from Atwood's family

Michelle V/H Zomerbloemhof

Finder x VG-85 Commander x GP-82 O-Style

High GNVI Finder from the MS Kingstead Chief Adeen family

Ammon-Peachey Shauna / Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy

Musti V/H Zomerbloemhof

Modesty x GP-83 McCutchen x VG-87 Man-O-Man

Lovely Modesty great-granddaughter of Ammon-Peachey Shauna

Rabur Outside Pandora

Marieclaire V/H Zomerbloemhof VG-86

VG-86 Kingboy x VG-88 Mogul x VG-87 Man-O-Man

Top PTAT Kingboy of Holec Mogul Panzul

Whitthier-Farms Lead Mae

Nuance V/H Zomerbloemhof

Esperanto x GP-82 Kingboy x VG-85 Snowman

Proud to have bred

Vitesse V/H Zomerbloemhof VG-87

Celsius x OutsideCelsius x Outside

Lifetimeproduction: 165.934 kg milk & 12.591 kg fat and protein (STILL ALIVE!)

Nirvana VG-86

Sunny Boy x Eldon

Lifetimeproduction: 100.167 kg milk

Sonja VG-86

Storm x Royal

Lifetimeproduction: 116.279 kg milk

Roosje VG-87

Rudolph x Nele V/H Zomerbloemhof (v. Astre) Lifetime production: 100.434 kg milk

Nele V/H Zomerbloemhof VG-86

Astre x Camillo

Lifetime production: 157.117 kg milk

Rolien VG-85

Novalis x Jabot

Lifetimeproduction: 108.051 kg milk

Loly VG-86

Horton x Linde Alfred

Lifetimeproduction: 100.359 kg milk

Liesbeth GP-84

F16 x Questor

Lifetimeproduction: 112.926 kg milk


Astre x Spencer

Lifetimeproduction: 126.269 kg milk

Tamara 2 VG-85

Webster x Novalis

Lifetimeproduction: 100.320 kg milk


Mountain x Excel

Lifetimeproduction: 108.872 kg milk


The Lahousse family with Loly (Horton), Lena (Cubby) and Liesbeth (F16)

Britt V/H Zomerbloemhof GP-84

Myron x Mateo

Lifetimeproduction: 144.706 kg milk

Zoe V/H Zomerbloemhof GP-81

Titan x Vitesse V/H Zomerbloemhof (s. Celsius)

Lifetimeproduction: 131.286 kg milk & 10.943 kg fat and protein

Arminda V/H Zomerbloemhof GP-83

Talent x BondTalent x Bond

Lifetimeproduction: 100.198 kg milk

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