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Never before has the lifetime production of dairy cows in the Netherlands been so high, this was shown by the new annual statistics recently published by Coöperatie CRV. In the last year (2019-2020), the Dutch cows produced 34,000 kgs of milk with 2,691 kgs of fat and protein (increase of 2,500 kgs of milk and 200 kgs of fat and protein compared to the previous year). This increase can be explained by an increase in daily production and a longer productive life. In addition to these stastistics, the new average production of Dutch dairyfarmers were also released. In the top 50 of the list of 'Bedrijfsgemiddelden MPR' we find no less than five GenHotel Members this year!

First in the top 50 we find GenHotel member Newhouse Holsteins. With a dairy herd of 120 cows, the Nieuwenhuizen family achieved an average milk production of no less than 13,437 kgs of milk, 4.23% fat and 3.54% protein. An important contribution to this result is made by the cow family of Newhouse Sneeker, this family is known for its high life production and longevity. This year was the 7th time for Newhouse Holsteins to achieve the top 10 of the Bedrijfsgemiddelden MPR.

We also find Poppe Holsteins in this list again. They should not be missed with a great average production of 12,935 kgs of milk with 4.17% fat and 3.55% protein, with a relatively young herd of 4.03 years old. The Poppe family's dairy farm has more than 160 dairy cows. In collaboration with Red Hot Holsteins, Poppe even managed to breed the no. 1 R&W production cow of the Netherlands 2019: Poppe Red Hot Rita 860! Also, two cows from Poppe recently got the 'Sterkoe 1' designation, including Poppe Jantje 753 (shown below) with a lifetime production of 101,630 kgs of milk with 4,054 kgs of fat and 3,599 kgs of protein in just 2,329 days.

 Poppe Jantje 753 VG-86 (s. Aalshorst Pleasure)

The Knoef family (Big Holsteins) again performed well and reached the top 50 list of top milkers by an average of 12,417 kgs of milk with 4.17% fat and a whopping 3.71% protein. Partly because of the high average age of 5.02 years and the influence of the Big Super Stars, Bik Boukjes and the Big Clara's, this 140-head herd was able to achieve this wonderful result. From the Clara line also descends the 15-year-old Big Clara 123 EX-90 (s.  Art-Acres Win 395), she currently has the second highest lifetime production in the Netherlands. With 189,539 kgs of milk in just 4,157 days she does a fantastic job!

Big Clara 123 EX-90 (s. Art-Acres Win 395)

With a beautiful herd production (12,857 kgs M, 4.08% v and 3.51% e) we also find Peelsehoeve Holsteins in these statistics. The Nooijen family owns 130 dairy cows and even managed to keep the average production per cow above 40 kgs of milk per day, even in the hot summer of 2020!

Also in the list is Beeze Holsteins, owned by Martien van der Kamp. Martien manages to get the best out of milking with an AMS. He does an amazing job by managing 65 dairy cows with a high milk production: 12,848kg of milk, 4.12% fat and 3.47% protein. One of his best producing cows from the herd is Beeze Grietje 152, an De-Su Observer daughter of nine years old. The kilograms of milk she produced during her 6 lactations is 91,028 kgs and even in her 6th lactation her 305-day production is projected at 15,500 kgs of milk.

In the Flemish MPR statistics (Vlaamse MPR statistieken) of 2019-2020 we also find in the top ten with 12,688 kgsM 4.11% fat and 3.45% protein, Van het Zomerbloemof. However, this herd of the Lahousse family is not a newcomer to this list, because last year the dairy farm with more than 220 dairy cows (3.09 years old on average) was already in this top list. 

GenHotel congratulates its members by these amazing achievements!

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