Van het Zomerbloemhof had a great classification day

Dries Lahousse of Van het Zomerbloemhof had 49 milking heifers classified. The Belgium dairy farm of Lahousse counts 190 dairycows with an amazing production of 35.8kg per day with 4.46%fat and 3.55% protein. This dairyfarmer shows a perfect combination of production, comformation and genomics. Lahousse tests most of his animals on gTPI, gRZG and gNVI with positive results. 

Best results of first calvers: 

Mariette V/H Zomerbloemhof (Adorable x Balisto): 87R 88DS 87MS 87FL - VG-87
- Marley V/H Zomerbloemhof (Legendary x VG-85 Missouri): 84R 83DS 85MS 89FL - VG-87
Marley's 4th dam is Broeks MBM Elsa EX-90 (s. Marshall). Elsa is dam of the famous sire Snowman. They can name themselves family of Ever-Green-View Elsie EX-92.
Magnolia V/H Zomerbloemhof (Wisent RF x Goli): 85R 87DS 86MS 87FL - VG-86
Melody V/H Zomerbloemhof ( Legendary x VG-88 Rubicon: 87R 86DS 86MS 85FL - VG-86
Daughter of Kaylee V/H Zomerbloemhof 
Merel V/H Zomerbloemhof (AltaSuperstar x VG-88 Mogul): 86R 87DS 87MS 83FL - VG-86
- Marcia V/H Zomerbloemhof (Legendary x VG-87 Rubicon): 85R 85DS 87MS 87FL - VG-86
This daughter of Kemelia V/H Zomerbloemhof VG-87 has as a two year old still great genomic results: 145 gRZG/2463 gTPI/309 gNVI

Marcia V/H Zomerbloemhof VG-86 ​as young heifer

More classification results:
Kaylee V/H Zomerbloemhof (Rubicon x Numero Uno): 87R 87DS 89MS 87FL - VG-88 / 4YR

Kaylee V/H Zomerbloemhof VG-88

Kemelia V/H Zomerbloemhof (Rubicon x Numero Uno): 86R 87DS 87MS 85FL - VG-87 / 4YR

Kemelia V/H Zomerbloemhof VG-87

These two Rubicon daughters are descendents from an American cowfamily of the well-known matriarch Scientific Debutante Rae EX-92 (s. Durham). She is named All-American 4-Year-Old in 2005, has multiple excellent daughters and is dam to the world-known sire Scientific Destry RDC. With a gTPI of 2479 for Kaylee and 2379 gTPI for Kemelia this family simply marks and breeds! 

Luxe V/H Zomerbloemhof (Battlecry x GP-81 Bradnick): 86R 87DS 87MS 87FL - VG-87 / 3YR

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