Vitesse V/h Zomerbloemhof at the Agriflanders

An eye-catcher at the Agrilanders in Belgium was with no doubt Vitesse van het Zomerbloemhof from the Lahousse family (Van het Zomerbloemhof). This Celsius daughter entered the ring with a lifetimeproduction of 144.176 kg of milk and 10.943 kg of fat & protein. In her current 10th lactation she produced 18.327 kg of milk in 492 days. That is an average of over 37 kg milk / day and that is exactly her average lifetimeproduction. A Titan daughter of Vitesse, Zoe van het Zomerbloemhof, has produced 116.150 kg of milk with 4.79% fat and 3.54% protein. She is also still present in the herd of Van het Zomerbloemhof.

Zoe van het Zomerbloemhof, Titan daughter of Vitesse

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