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Intermediate Champion Dairy Fair Mariënwaerdt scores EX-90!

The red Batouwe Jrd Belladonna made an impressive entrance for Batouwe Holsteins during the Dairy Fair Mariënwaerdt. As a triompf, the Cycle Mcgucci Jordy Red daughter not only won the R&W Intermediate Championship, but also took home the price for Best Udder over all red-and-whites. To top it all off, this week the second calver made a huge increase of her overall score for conformation as well!... Read more


Champion titles for GenHotel members at Dairy Fair

The various summer shows are in full swing throughout the Netherlands and it is once again a pleasure for the real show enthusiasts. There was success for several participating GenHotel members with both Holstein and Red Holstein during the Dairy Fair Mariënwaerdt.... Read more


Van Holland enjoys double excellent!

Dairy farmers Corné and Liesbeth Van Holland (VanHolland Holsteins) enjoy the high level of their, mainly black and white colored, herd. One of the most impressive cow families in the barn is the VanHolland Rochelle family, but during the last classification it was revealed that Van Holland owns more stars.... Read more

VanHolland Rochelle / Tui Onyx Nick

VanHolland Rochelle BY VG-88

VG-88 Atwood x VG-87 Ramos x VG-86 BW Marshall

One of the highest genomic tested Atwood daughters

VanHolland Rochelle 2 VG-88

VG-88 Bradnick x VG-88 Atwood x VG-87 Ramos

Show ~ Show ~ Show

VanHolland Rochelle 1 BY VG-87

VG-87 Fanatic x VG-88 Atwood x VG-87 Ramos

High Fanatic from the Tui Onyx Nick family

VanHolland Romy VG-85

VG-85 Snowman x VG-87 Ramos x VG-86 BW Marshall

Snowman sister to Rochelle

VanHolland Romy 1 VG-86

VG-86 Fanatic x VG-85 Snowman x VG-87 Ramos

Fanatic with high type!

VanHolland Rochelle 6 VG-88

VG-88 Progenesis Kal x VG-88 Bradnick x VG-88 Atwood

Res. champion Asten-Heusden 2020

Veenhuizer K&L BL Nelize / RUW Neblina

K&L PM Nelize

Puma x Beat x Balisto

Mr Puma daughter from the Veenhuizer K&L BL Nelize family

Wilder Kanu

VanHolland K&L Kanuchi Red GP-84

GP-84 Jacuzzi-Red x Salvatore Rc x EX-90 Brekem RDC

VanHolland 3STAR Kanura P Red

Star P RDC x GP-84 Jacuzzi-Red x Salvatore Rc

Van Holland 3STAR FS Kiara Red

Freestyle-Red x GP-84 Jacuzzi-Red x Salvatore Rc

Proud to have bred

Vanholland Covertry

Hunter x Giessen Cinderella 48

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