Uitstekende inspectie Van Holland Holsteins


28 2-yr olds with an average score of 84.4 points. That is the result of the latest classification at Van Holland Holsteins. 15 2-yr olds where classified VG with 5 at VG-87!

VanHolland Rochelle VG-87
VanHolland Rochelle is classified VG-87. She received 87 points for frame and feet & legs and she was classified with the maximum score of 89 points for het beautiful mammary system. At the show in Hoornaar she placed already first in het class.

VanHolland Rochelle 1
Dam of Rochelle is Rozalin a VG-87 Ramos daughter out of the well-known BW Marshall daughter Nimry. Through a Lord Lily daughter she stems out of Tui Onyx Nick VG-86, a very popular and successful United Nick daughter.
A Fanatic daughter of Rochelle, VanHolland Rochelle 1, scores +150 GRZG in Germany and has a faultless genomic proof.

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VanHolland Rochelle VG-87, dam of VanHolland Rochelle 1 (Fanatic, +150 GRZG)

Rozalin VG-87, dam of Rochelle