VanHolland Holsteins - Corné van Holland

1 Progeny

VanHolland Rochelle 6
s. Progenesis Kal


VanHolland Rochelle 2 VG-88

2.00 305d 11.280kgM 3.31%F 373kgF 3.00%P 338kgP

88 FR  87 DS  88 MS  87 FL  VG-88


VanHolland Rochelle BY VG-88

2.01 305d 9.872kgM 4.22%F 416kgF 3.35%P 331kgP
3.03 305d 11.871kgM 4.06%F 483kgF 3.41%P 404kgP
4.05 305d 13.032kgM 4.12%F 537kgF 3.53%P 460kgP

One of the highest genomic tested Atwood daughters


VanHolland Rozalin VG-87

2.03 305d 9.986kgM 4.55%F 454kgF 3.47%P 347kgP


Nimry VG-86

2.01 305d 11.917kgM 3.83%F 457kgF 3.43%P 409kgP
6.04 305d 12.823kgM 3.94%F 505kgF 3.29%P 422kgP

Dam of Scaloni (RBB) and Mace (RUW)

Next generations

  • Etazon LL Neon VG-85 (s. Lord Lily)
  • Tui Onyx Nick VG-86 (s. United Nick)
  • Tui Opel Ned Boy VG-89 (s. Ned Boy)
  • Tui Odyessa Bell VG-86 (s. Bell)

BW Marshall