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Osnabrücker Schwarzbunt-Tage: follow it live!

A first. Tomorrow, in addition to the Top Genetik Auktion, the Holstein show 'Schwarzbunt-Tage' of the OHG will also be broadcast online via A.o. GenHotel member KNS Holsteins will enter the show ring with no less than three senior cows !... Read more


KNS Daddy's Girl, a heifer with bull dam guarantee!

The exceptional cow family led by foundation dam KNS Dorfgirl EX-93, has brought several successes to KNS Holsteins in recent years at both female and male level. There is a great opportunity at the VOST Select Sale with the offer of family member KNS Daddy's Girl Red (lot 12), a red Shout RDC daughter with 159 gRZG!... Read more


KNS Holsteins' well-known D-cowfamily delivers again a real showdiva

The 'KNS D' family of KNS Holsteins can no longer be ignored in the European Holstein world. Where bulls such as KNS Barolo, KNS Belsan, KNS Serge Red, RUW Mail P RDC and KNS Scofield P Red worked (and still work) their way up on the male side, is on the female side the D-family booking considerable successes both at genomics breeding and in the field of showtype!... Read more


Milking Delta-Lambda 2-yr-old from MD-Maple-Dell Durham Cecel family

Next Wednesday the Masterrind Exclusive Sale will take place in Verden, Germany. During this auction, GenHotel member KNS Holsteins brings in an awesome lot, namely a fresh calved daughter of the top conformation sire Farnear Delta Lambda. In five generations, she traces back to the American Regancrest Elton Durham daughter MD-Maple-Dell Durham Cecel EX-92!... Read more


KNS Dream Red at the TOP Genetik Auktion

From the well-known cow family bred by KNS Holsteins, the KNS Daybright EX-91 family, Niermann once again has bred high-scoring red offspring. During the upcoming Top Genetik Auktion on Saturday, January 29th at 1.00 PM you can invest in this awesome RZG transmitter, KNS Dream Red!... Read more


€ 32,600 for KNS Derbystar P RDC!

Last Friday, November 19th, the 9th VOST Select Sale took place. Already on Thursday evening there was an opportunity to watch a large part of the selling animals in Leer, and numerous customers and breeders actively used the opportunity to check on their favorite. During the pre-bidding numerous bids came in, so several animals entered the live online sale with start prices of €5,000 and more.... Read more


KNS Holsteins is selling their best animals!

It won't be that long before the VOST Select Sale 9 will take place on Friday November 19th via A regular exhibitor to this elite auction is GenHotel member KNS Holsteins, who manages to offer the best breeding material from their herd. This year they sell no less than four lot numbers from high genomics to deep, successful show cow families!... Read more


Throwback first live-online VOST Select Sale

The first live-online VOST Select Sale had a great course. The eighth VOST Select Sale attracted a large range, due to the possibility to bid online. There were bids from more than ten European countries! On Friday evening, 51 lot numbers were sold from a wide range; genomics, Jersey, well-known show cow families and polled!... Read more


VOST Select Sale offers you: 161 gRZG & polled!

The De-Su 7012 EX-92 family has brought the Holstein breed a lot of good sires, for example the daughterproven bulls De-Su Oman Goli and De-Su Observer are members of this cow family. The maternal line of 7012 EX-92 was already popular even before genomics testing started!... Read more


Homozygous polled from De-Su 7012 EX-92

Not to be missed is this beautiful KNS Simon P daughter from the American cow family of De-Su 7012 EX-92. This cow family is known for her breeding power concerning index breeding, and supplied proven sires like De-Su Oman Goli and De-Su Observer. A female line that was already very popular at several international AI-studs even before the start of genomics testing!... Read more


Breed your offspring from the one-and-only KNS Dorfgirl EX-93!

The well-known 'D' cow family of KNS Holsteins has been for a long time a real concept in Germany. This deep cow family has as matriarch the Robthom Integrity daughter KNS Dorfgirl EX-93. Six generations later her descendant KNS Dahlia RDC (s. Schreur Apoll P Red), carrier of the red factor, provides one of the first Red Holsteins from this branch of the D-family: KNS Daddy Cool-Red.... Read more


Unique achievement KNS Holsteins

The German dairy farm KNS Holsteins of the Niermann family managed to reach the top in the April index with no less than eight bulls! Niermann bred strong cow families that have proven to supply fantastic breeding material. One of the most successful cow families is the popular 'R-line' with as matriarch Radieuse EX-91. KNS Rendezvous VG-85 and sire KNS Boss are members of this family too. Another popular cow family that has brought many polled (young) sires to the market is SHB Mrs. Poll-P RDC. She's the dam of Laptop PP.... Read more


Niermanns input at the OGH Top Genetik Auktion

This Friday and Saturday will the Internationale Osnabrücker Schwarzbunt-Tage 2020 in Germany occur. Part of this event is a sale with top genetics, named the 'Top Genetik Auktion'. For this sale are 25 lotnumbers signed in, three of them are from the Niermann family, otherwise known as KNS Holsteins.... Read more


Red & 163 gRZG at the Highlight Sale

Do you prefer something special? Then look no further and come visit the 29th HighlightSale, 10th of January to watch & buy this special heifer! She's not only red, but also polled with an amazing 163 gRZG! It's lot 41 KNS Daylight Red P we are talking about!... Read more


Maternal sister of Simon P and Bachelor P will sell!

This maternal sister of sires Simon P and Bachelor P will sell at the 29th HighlightSale, January 10th in Germany. These two sires are not only polled, but have both amazingly high gRZG too! Their maternal Hotspot P halfsister has these qualities too. This heifer will be sold by KNS Holsteins as lotnumber 30.... Read more


New proofs Germany

The German VIT centre has made several adjustments in the April proof calculation. This can cause considerable changes in the proofs of individual animals... Read more


New genomics USA

The genomic run in the USA has delivered great results for several GenHotel members, with following females in the March top 50... Read more


Election German cow of the year 2018

At the election of German Cow of the Year 2018 by the German magazine Kuhfacto RR Shottle Elisa has been chosen cow of the year 2018! The cow, owned by family Reinermann has been sold as an embryo by Broekhuis Vee... Read more


Indexes Holland

Yesterday we received the indexes from Germany, USA, Canada, DSF, Italy Switzerland and the UK (See Index Week)), today the Dutch proofs have been publiced.... Read more


Let's Dance!

New at the site to KNS Holsteins is KNS Dance, a Superman daughter from the homebred KNS Dorfgirl EX-93 family. The dam to Dance is... Read more


Proofs Italy

The Italian December proofs are available as well. The genomic list is topped by Heidenskipster Selleck (Cashcoin x Gerard) with +3552 GPFT.... Read more


VOST Select Sale 3

The VOST Select Sale 3 will be organised next Friday, November 27. Several GenHotel members are selling heifers in this sale.... Read more


Proofs Italy

The Italian GPFT list is topped by Heidenskipster Selleck (+3537 GPFT), a Cashcoin son out a Gerard daughter of Heidenskipster Shottle Silver. The #2 is bred by KNS Holsteins.... Read more


Proofs Germany (B&W)

It is proofweek and the German proofs are available. The National list with German sampled bulls is headed by Super son Suran with +150 RZG. He is followed by Maserati (Man O Man) who scores +147 RZG. The top 5 is... Read more


Sire of sons in the picture

The number of sire of sons that breeders and AI's use are bigger and bigger these days. Also sire of sons are not used for a long time, so the lists change quickly. That is why we will put extra info on the sires of sons on GenHotel.... Read more

KNS Daybright / KNS Dorfgirl

KNS Dalista VG-87

VG-87 Balisto x GP-84 Shamrock x VG-85 Man-O-Man

Dam of KNS Cicero @ OHG and KNS Barabo @ Masterrind

KNS Doreen

Balisto x VG-86 Shamrock x VG-85 Man-O-Man

Top GNVI Balisto from the Barolo and Dreambaby family

KNS Drossel

Boss x GP-84 Shamrock x VG-85 Man-O-Man

Interesting Boss from the Dorfgirl family

KNS Dorothy GP-83

GP-83 Balisto x VG-86 Shamrock x VG-85 Man-O-Man

High GTPI Balisto from super cow family

KNS Delabelle RDC GP-84

GP-84 Brekem RDC x VG-85 Epic x VG-85 Man-O-Man

Red carrier Brekem daughter from the Dorfgirl family

KNS Dance

Superman x GP-84 Shamrock x VG-85 Man-O-Man

Very high Superman from the KNS Dorfgirl family

KNS Diadem

Battlecry x VG-87 Balisto x GP-84 Shamrock

Top Battlecry from the KNS Daybright / Dorfgirl family

KNS Derby Sieger Red

Gywer RDC x VG-85 Styx Red x Apoll P Red

Fresh, producing a lot of milk, looks like a GP cow.

KNS Rendezvous / Radieuse

KNS Roma

Balisto x VG-86 Epic x VG-85 Man-O-Man

Balisto granddaughter to KNS Rendezvous

KNS Rosalie

Balisto x VG-85 Man-O-Man x VG-86 Goldwyn

Top GTPI and GNVI Balisto out of KNS Rendezvous

KNS Rebekka GP-84

GP-84 Balisto x VG-86 Epic x VG-85 Man-O-Man

Balisto daughter to KNS Reality

KNS Rio Grande GP-82

GP-82 Alpine x VG-86 Epic x VG-85 Man-O-Man

Top GTPI Alpine dochter

KNS Real Madrid

Balisto x VG-86 Epic x VG-85 Man-O-Man

Very high GNVI Balisto daughter

KNS Goldengate / Fontanella Ginger

KNS Grace

Galaxy x VG-85 Man-O-Man x EX-91 Goldwyn

From the Blossom (#1 GNVI 04-2015) family

SHB Mrs. Poll-P RDC / Blackstar Mabel

KNS Miss Balista-P GP-84

GP-84 Balisto x GP-82 Epic x VG-86 Mr Sam

Dam to KNS Abi Red PP (Schreur Apoll P)

KNS Grand Prix

KNS Grand Gras

Mardi Gras x VG-86 AltaIota x EX-91 Goldwyn

High GTPI Mardi Gras from KNS Grand Prix family

Ammon Farms Mac Classic / MD-Maple-Dell Durham Cecel

Tramilda KNS Cutchen VG-88

VG-88 McCutchen x EX-90 Gold Chip x EX-92 Mac

Great pedigree for high type

KNS Canberra

Rubicon x VG-88 McCutchen x EX-90 Gold Chip

Top GRZG & GTPI Rubicon

Overige interessante dieren / Other interesting animals

KNS Faith

Redrock x GP-83 Modesty x Supershot

KNS Sina Balli RDC GP-84

GP-84 Balisto x VG-85 Epic x EX-90 Shottle

Red carrier Balisto daughter


Defender x VG-85 Numero Uno x GP-84 Lawn Boy P-Red

Red carrier and Polled Defender daughter

KNS Lara P RDC GP-84

GP-84 Balisto x GP-83 Malvoy x GP-82 Lawn Boy P-Red

Red carrier and Polled Balisto daughter

KNS Splendor-P RDC

Supershot x GP-83 Earnhardt P x GP-82 Colt P

Lovely Polled and Red Carrier Supershot from the Glen Drummond Splendor family

KNS Georgia-P GP-84

GP-84 Powerball P x Balisto x GP-80 Gonzo

Top GRZG & Polled from the De-Su BW Marshal Georgia family

WEH Jessica

Pazifik P Red

Freestyle-Red x VG-85 Spark Red x GP-84 Mission P RDC

Extremely high RZG Polled heifer!

Proud to have bred

KNS Dorflady EX-92

Ramos x KNS Dorfgirl


Boss x KNS Golden Girl

#1 GNVI bull (04-2015)


Balisto x KNS Dream Rock


Balisto x Gin Epic Sina RDC

Abi Red Pp

Apoll P Red x KNS Miss Balista-P

KNS Boss

Bookem x KNS Rendezvous

Top bull out of the Radieuse family, very succesfull as sire of sons

Kns Brasileiro

Balisto x Epic x Man-O-Man

#2 PFT in Italy (04-2020)


Balisto x Epic x Man-O-Man #1 proven sire in Germany


Balisto x Shamrock x Man-O-Man #2 proven sire in Germany

KNS Simon P

Semino x Board x Balisto
#1 polled gRZG in Germany

Bachelor P

Batch P x Board x Balisto #2 gRZG Pp sire in Germany

KNS Hesekiel PP

Hotspot P x Board x Balisto #1 gRZG PP sire in Germany

KNS Hogwart PP

Hotspot P x Board x Balisto #4 gRZG PP stier in Duitsland

Kns Haggai Pp

Hotspot P x Board x Balisto #5 gRZG PP sire in Germany

KNS Serge Red

Shimmer RDC x Styx Red x Apoll P Red

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