For many European breeders, GenHotel sends their best bulls to international AI companies. Thanks to our large network, we succeed in keeping the number up for AI bulls sold to our customers. In recent years we have sold bulls to RUW, Semex, Sexing Technologies, Genus-ABS, Inseme, Aberekin, Genoservis, Masterrind, VOSt, Qnetics, RBW, RBB, Intermizoo, Xenetica Fontao, SBS, CBS, RSH, Viking Genetics, Natural, OHG, etc.

GENHOTEL Nucleus Program

GenHotel has its own breeding program with the prefix K&L. This involves a group of around 50 donors that is constantly being refreshed. Currently we have more than 700 pregnancies on its way. This program is in cooperation with breeders from different countries. The best bulls from this very successful program are sold in AI. A part of the best heifers are being sold in live auctions or in our own GenHotel Selection Sales. A few are kept to become donor in the GenHotel nucleus.


With our GenHotel Embryoprogram farmers can become top breeders with low entry costs and yet take part in the success of breeding topgenomics. Due to the intensive cooperation between GenHotel and the breeders, chances of a positive result are bigger. The participating breeders fully share in the successes. In this program they acquire 50% ownership of top genetics from our own breeding program at very attractive conditions. All offspring from these embryos are tested on genomics, the best bulls are sold in AI ​​and, depending on the genomic level, we decide together with the breeder what we do with the heifers: keep or sell and flush or just inseminate. In this way, breeders can obtain top genetics and new cowfamilies at a very attractive price.

EMBRYOS AND Elite Holsteins

GenHotel supplies embryos and breeding stock from the best international cow families for type and genomics with top results for GTPI, PTAT, GRZG, GNVI or GPLI. Together with our members we always have a wide range of genetics available on our website (GenHotel Embryo Sale and GenHotel Webshop) and otherwise we specifically look for the right genetics for our customers.


GenHotel organizes various online and 'live' auctions. The online GenHotel Selection Sales are now widely known. Also the other sales organized by GenHotel are highly appreciated. In June 2018 the 2nd edition of the German Selection Sale takes place and every year at the end of November we organize the VOST Select Sale. In addition, we support several of our AI customers with the auctions they organize such as the Highlight Sale (RUW) and Zukunft Rind (Qnetics). Each of these auctions offer the members of GenHotel a great platform to sell their genetics.