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Genomic index DEU: +162 GRZG (2020-12)

Production 1415 M 0.41%F 0.09%P 102 F 59 P 153 RZM
Health 121 RZN 127 RZS 101 RZR
Type 103 KÖR 113 MTY 120 EUT 118 FUN 123 RZE

Genomic index NLD: +354 GNVI (2020-12; B&W)

Production 1599 M 0.35%F 0.10%P 104 F 66 P 513 INET
Health 670 LVD 105 UGH 111 CGT 101 VRU
Type 99 FR 100 RB 108 UI 105 BE 107 TOT


Poppe 3STAR Golden 1977

Vh Crown

K&L Poppe Gonda VG-86

2.02 305d 7.509kgM 4.19%F 315kgF 3.49%P 262kgP

► Gonda is a very fancy first calver and is one of the highest Rubi Agronaut daughters for both gRZG and gNVI.

Rubi Agronaut

SPH Goldstern GP-84

2.02 305d 14.127kgM 3.71%F 524kgF 3.24%P 458kgP
3.09 305d 17.396kgM 3.79%F 659kgF 3.35%P 583kgP

Full sister to the bull Cyrano @ Qnetics


SPH Gallerie VG-86

LA1 305d 10.687kgM 4.08%F 436kgF 3.13%P 334kgP
LA3/2 305d 10.713kgM 4.19%F 449kgF 3.34%P 358kgP

Dam to the bulls Cyrano and My Dream P RDC @ Qnetics

Next generations

  • Tirsvad Beacon Galaxy VG-85 (s. Beacon)
  • Tirsvad Juwel Ghana VG-88 (s. Juwel)
  • Tirsvad OMan Geneve VG-86 (s. O Man)
  • Genua VG-87 (s. Aaron)
    Dam of many proven bulls, for example DT Improver @ CRV
  • Grietje 80 EX-91 (s. Esquimau)
    Great broodcow. Dam of Emil 2!
  • Grietje 79 VG-89 (s. Lucky Leo)