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Veenhuizer K&L JT Jameson, a real sensation!

The pitch-black De L'Avenir Jetset son Veenhuizer K&L JT Jameson made a strong debut in the December 2020 RZG proven list, where he was placed 5th with 152 RZG. At the April 2021 proof he still manages to maintain his 5th place.... Read more


Great scores at Red Rocks Holsteins

Recently scores were popping at Red Rocks Holsteins. The classification led to great and well-deserved scores for descendants of Dixie-Lee Aspen EX-92, Massia VG-87, Bonhill Warsi 19 RDC EX-90 and Stouwdamshof Jacoba 8 Red EX-91 among others.... Read more


Super results for bulls GenHotel members!

This proof run has given many bulls bred by GenHotel members new (genomic) breeding values. This has resulted in various international successes, including several national number 1 listings! Below a number of the many toppers.... Read more


Maternal sister Ghost-Red & Visstein K&L Money P Red will sell!

Today is your day! You can become the new owner of this 157 gRZG Rubels-Red and maternal sister to high genomic young sires Ghost-Red & Visstein K&L Money P Red. This very fancy heifer is backed by two amazing and globally known cows: KHW Goldwyn Aiko RDC EX-91 & Kamps-Hollow Durham Altitude RDC EX-95.... Read more


Polled & redcarrier Best Benz with 5125 gICO & 158 gRZG!

Lot 4 descends from a proven maternal line with multiple bull dams. This week, during the GenHotel Selection Sale you get the chance to buy youself this amazing heifer! 3STAR HWH Betty P RDC not only scores high on ICO and RZG, but is the total package with RDC, Pp and A2A2!... Read more


Havela has that magic touch!

This fantastic five months old Fustead S-S-I Solution from the Snow-N Denises Dellia EX-95 family will sell at the GenHotel Selection Sale (March 18th - 25th)!... Read more


A new number 1 at De Oosterhof

At dairy farm De Oosterhof (owned by Willem Scholten) are leading well-considered choices and matings with top NVI, TPI and RZG sires to tremendous success. In this way the current number 1 gTPI R&W sire - 3STAR OH Ranger Red and K&L OH Mabel, bull dam of five sons in AI are co-owned by Scholten!... Read more


Genomic testing of females in other countries

Many know that GenHotel continuously tests females for genomics in Germany and the USA. What may not be known to everyone is that via GenHotel females are also genomic tested in 6 other countries. These heifers are pre-selected based on their pedigree... Read more


Barbara & Subliminal win 'All American 2020' titles

The 'All-American 2020' winners were presented recently! This high quality contest has an important and global influence in the Holstein breeding. The All-American contest contains several categories, it is in the Lifetime Production class where we find two outstanding cows with a big history and both of them play a big part in the 3STAR Fokprogramma.... Read more


Batouwe Ailisha Salva Red classified

Another Kamps-Hollow Durham Altitude EX-95 family member in the Netherlands is classified VG! Batouwe Ailisha Salva Red by Mr Salvatore RDC is in her first lactation. She proved herself to be a great and successful brood cow with already over 20 high scoring offspring... Read more


Siemers Rubicon D-Rozza now VG-89 USA!

Siemers Rubicon D-Rozza is an American milking EDG Rubicon from the phenomenal Whittier-Farms Outside Roz EX-95 family. Right now she is in second lactation and recently classified VG-89! With this re-classification D-Rozza is very close to be the 8th generation of EX in a row... Read more


Become the new owner of all-rounder 3STAR OH Riya

It's the first time you get this special opportunity to buy yourself a Sonray-Acres Soc Observr Vi EX-91 descendant! At the upcoming SonderKollektion 2021 at Saturday February 6th one of the highest Fustead Sperhero Lavonte daughters in Europe will sell!... Read more


Dam of Poppe Freestyle-Red classified

Poppe Freestyle-Red (2732 gTPI/ 163 gRZG/ 315 gNVI) is sired by Gywer RDC and out of the Poppe Fienchen family, although his snow white coat may suggest otherwise. With his huge breeding values Freestyle-Red, owned by CRV, is highly qualified as a sire of son... Read more


Full sisters by Silky X Wilder Konzert RDC classified

Two HAH Silky Red granddaughters of Wilder K25 Red EX-90 were recently classified with a well-deserved VG. The two red descendants from the 'Wilder-K' family are an outcome of the 3STAR Breeding Program. With their great qualities these two milking heifers make a solid contribution to the success of the one-year old 3TAR prefix... Read more


Number 1 Watson globally from Durham Altitude RDC EX-95 family!

You don't have to wait much longer for this Progenesis Watson RDC (Imax x Delta) to be yours! BWN 3STAR Aileen RDC comes from a very well-known and proven cow family with 9 generations of VG/EX in a row. This Kamps-Hollow Durham Altitude RDC EX-95 descendant is going to have a brilliant career of her own!... Read more


Great classification at Aalshorst Holsteins!

At Aalshorst Holsteins, the Scholten family in Dalfsen, 16 Holstein and Red Holstein heifers have recently been classified with a great average score of 84.0 points Total Score and even 84.9 for udder. Also 4 cows have been rescored, which have now all achieved the VG score... Read more


High gTPI females of GenHotel members

The American genomic results of females have also been published this week. Due to the unchanged calculation model, the changes are also limited here, with a few new additions to the top of Europe... Read more


Tetia-Red, the absolute top on Swiss basis!

A very special cow family, one can safely say about the Southland Dellia family. Numerous great breeding cows and provensires have already emerged from this beautiful line. An amazing example of a descendant from this dam line is Denmark's highest production heifer in 2017: Anderstrup Aikman Dellia RDC VG-89... Read more


Marina offers many international opportunities!

The French bred cow Maybelline Tual VG-85, the fabulous EDG Rubicon from the deep American Jeta Commotion Cupid VG-88 family, has many high scoring daughters and several sons in AI. Also her Progenesis Granite daughter K&L OH Mabel has already 5 sons at... Read more


Dazzled by JM Mouse

Also the Jersey breed is obviously well represented at the eighth VOST Select Sale. This breed, which is known for its high components and beautiful dairy frames, is well represented by lot number 24 at the upcoming sale... Read more


Sietskeshoeve 3STAR Gaby's special story

The Ottevanger family, with their dairy farm 'De Sietskeshoeve', has been an important recipient farm for 3STAR Genetics for several years, but they also know how to invest from their own initiative. From the 3STAR Embryo Program Ottevanger bought embryos, and recently as a result of this purchase a special calf was born.... Read more


New top heifers for Koepon and Exloër Holsteins!

The American genomics run in November was very successful for Koepon Genetics. No fewer than 4 newly tested Koepon females are in the top 50 gTPI in Europe this month. Exloër Holsteins also has a great conformation topper in the barn with Exloër Wendy.... Read more


Average of VG-85.8 at De Wijde Blik

The recent classification at De Wijde Blik went very well. Six heifers were classified and two cows in their 3rd lactation managed to increase their score. On the Nijman family dairy farm, more than 60 cows are milked with a super apassion for breeding is also large, this can be found in the average score of the latest classification day!... Read more


Dykster K&L SD Carry VG-88 wins video contest

The first calver Dykster K&L SD Carry is Mirabell Sound System granddaughter of Koepon Oak Classy 4672, and with a classification score of VG-88 she's the highest classified Sound System daughter in the Netherlands. The beautifully Carry VG-88 is a result of the 3STAR Genetics Breeding Program and is jointly owned by Dykster Holsteins.... Read more


Adore the wonderful Sharma Red

Recently it was Exloër K&L OH Sharma Red her turn to show off her qualities in front of the camera. The Wilder Mark RDC daughter from K&L SV Sunny Red is a very nice heifer with a complete and flawless genomics profile. In the meantime, she is almost ready to be flushed with which the next generation from the American Gen-I-Beq Planet Silk family can continue to pass on its breeding ability.... Read more


The Goldwyn Aiko family is expanding fast

The KHW Goldwyn Aiko RDC EX-91 / Kamps-Hollow Durham Altitude RDC EX-95 family has grown in popularity and numbers in the Netherlands in recent years. While the Albring family has been milking about 30 Aiko's with pleasure, offspring from this special cow family is also part of the 3STAR Breeding program now... Read more


New score for Wilder Kalibra RDC

Wilder Kalibra RDC (v. Battlecry) is bred by Wilder Holsteins and was sold during the German Selection Sale 2018 to the Dutch Kalibra Syndicate. The Battlecry daughter is recently re-classified, and it turns out she was worth getting VG-88 as a second calver!... Read more


Reunion with Tirsvad K&L Pursuit Mabelle

In early 2020, Tirsvad Holsteins and 3STAR Genetics offered a Pine-Tree-I Pursuit daughter with 158 gRZG / 4187 gPFT / 2719 gTPI (2019-12) from the famous Gold-N-Oaks Marbella cow family. This Danish beauty continued her way in the Netherlands, and found her final destination at Vekis Genetics.... Read more


Also in Top R&W NVI many females GenHotel members

Just like in the top B&W NVI, we also find in the top R&W list animals bred and owned by GenHotel members. In the top-100 NVI list, the Jacuzzi-Red daughters do well and fill a large part (59%) of the list. The number 1 is a Jacuzzi-Red x Baltikum with 376 NVI. Number 1, based on longevity, stands with 875 LVD Aalshorst 3STAR Konzert 1.... Read more


Another daughter of K&L SV Sunny Red pictured

At the beginning of August we introduced you to K&L SV Sunny Red and her DG OH Rubels-Red daughter 3STAR OH Sunnyside Red. Sunny Red, a red Salvatore daughter from the American cow family of Des-Y-Gen Planet Silk, knows how to surprise us time and time again with her breeding power and achievements. Now a second Rubels-Red daughter of Sunny Red, K&L OH Shiner Red, was also allowed to appear in front of the lens; And she's beautiful!... Read more


Classification score of VG-87 for Rosebud-Red daughter

During the classification score at Red Rocks Holsteins, beautiful scores were handed out. The dairy farm of the Wesselink family is largely coloured with R&W, this is mainly due to the great influence of the Red Rocks Massia cow family within this herd. Slowly the herd fills up with other great cow families, such as the... Read more


KHE I'm Good VG-87 lives up to her name

During the VOSt Select Sale 5 in 2017, Jan Poppe of Poppe Holsteins, and 3STAR Genetics already saw the potential in the then two-month-old KHE I'm Good. It was mainly the impressive dam line combined with an extremely high 168 gRZG /145 gRZE that made them realize that lot 72 KHE I'm Good had to come to the Netherlands!... Read more


Successful GenHotel Selection Sale!

This edition of the GenHotel Selection Sale went well again. There was a lot of interest in the sale heifers from both home and abroad. Shortly after the opening of the auction, the first heifer was sold very quickly. Ultimately, with the more expensive sale lots... Read more


List Sire of Sons is updated now!

After the August 2020 proofs, GenHotel's team has updated the mating sire lists. Some mating sires have been removed from the lists, since they have been used sufficient, and have made way for fantastic debuting bulls... Read more


Top 5 gRZG Westcoast Soundcloud

From a deep Dutch/American cow family this lot 9 TWR 3STAR Marilyn is a very interesting sale lot at the GenHotel Selection Sale. Remember, this auction will end tomorrow. Strike today and this top 5 gRZG Soundcloud daughter is yours!... Read more


Genomic Giant K&L OH Mabel delivers great daughters!

This GenHotel Selection Sale offers you the best of the "Genomic Giant" K&L OH Mabel. Fustead S-S-I Solution daughter 3STAR OH Mabelution sells as lot 3 during this auction. This snow white beauty scores fantastically on fitness traits and delivers fat and protein. She has great ancestors, since the famous Tual family has made quite a blow in the Holstein breeding recently!... Read more


Early daughter of Percey-Red will sell!

3STAR PC Kanuzia-Red is an early Percey-Red daughter from the beautiful and very successful Wilder-Kanu cow family. This German cow family is known for its ability to breed high offspring in the international Red-Holstein breed! Bring lot 6. 3STAR PC Kanuzia-Red from the GenHotel Selection Sale to your herd, she's definitely a wonderful addition!... Read more


3STAR OH Reinalda can be yours, strike now!

This early Silverridge V Einstein daughter from the famous K&L OH Rozella (s. Gymnast), is a member of a awesome cow family and has at least eight excellent dams in her maternal line! 3STAR OH Reinalda is a descendant of the fantastic brood cow Whittier-Farms Outside Roz EX-95. This week she will sell as lot 10 during the GenHotel Selection Sale... Read more


Polled Simon P daughter with 158 RZG!

Specially selected for you is this Tirsvad 3STAR Simon Muscat P, a KNS Simon P daughter from the beautiful cow family of Gold-N-Oaks Morty Malibu EX-94. During the GenHotel Selection Sale she will sell as lot number 12!... Read more


The GenHotel Selection Sale starts tomorrow!

This year's second GenHotel Selection Sale will start tomorrow morning at 9.00am. This online sale contains 16 beautiful selected calves from proven cow families. In this way, we offer you the current No. 1 RZEuro, a polled KNS Simon P daughter with A2A2 and No. 1 Net Merit and No. 2 gTPI Riveting in Europe!... Read more


Amazing MS Kingstead Chief Adeen offspring in the Netherlands

One of the most famous Dutch descendants of MS Kingstead Chief Adeen EX-94 is HC Archrival Arianne, the Eclipse Atwoods Archrival daughter of Batouwe- and Schouten Holsteins. Recently, she received another visit from the classifier. The white beauty is now in her second lactation and appeared for the second time in front of the camera. In addition, her daughters know how to match her in many aspects!... Read more


Admire the fancy daughters of K&L OH Mabel

You definitely know K&L OH Mabel, the Progenesis Granite daughter who is regularly in the spotlight, because her male and female offspring score fantastically high on TPI, NVI and RZG basis. There is a lot of interest in this super cow family with already many bulls delivered to AI stations, including four sons of Mabel herself!... Read more


New picture of K&L SV Sunny Red!

You may recognize the fantastic breeding heifer K&L SV Sunny Red by seeing the top image, however, we can now introduce you to the beautifully K&L SV Sunny Red in her first lactation!... Read more


VG-88 Sound System at Dykster Holsteins

Recently a great classification day took place at Dykster Holsteins. The dairy farm of the Herder family from Leusden, the Netherlands contains about 50 dairy cows. Herder proves that quantity says nothing about quality; with an average 305-day production of 11.753kgM, 4.06% f and 3.48% p this herd produces amazing! First calver Dykster K&L SD Carry shows with her high production and high classification score that she belongs at Dykster Holsteins.... Read more


Blondin Success: check her out!

The beautiful Blondin Success made her first appearance in the spotlight at the 7th VOSt Selection Sale last November. Here she was sold to Drouner Holsteins and 3STAR Genetics. She is now almost a year old and ready to be flushed for the first time!... Read more


K&L CR Indira recently scored!

The first calver Cyrano daughter K&L CR Indira from the Butemare Ida family has recently been photographed. For the overall picture only a nice classification score was missing, but it has been arranged... Read more


Stunning VG-86.7 for Drouner Holsteins

Another wonderful classification day for Drouner Holsteins. The Albring family has been involved in the top (Red) Holstein breeding in the Netherlands alredy for years, and still gaining international popularity. Also the success of the collaboration with 3STAR Genetics increases. This collaboration has already produced great results from renown cow families as the KHW Goldwyn Aiko RDC and Koepon Classy family... Read more


Great classification day at Poppe Holsteins

Poppe Holsteins can look back on a stunning classification day. No less than 21 Holsteins and Red Holsteins were registered. The Poppe family's herd is known for its fantastic high milk production. For example, Felta Colorado daughter Poppe Fienchen 8685 Red with a daily production of 70kgM in her third lactation is the standout!... Read more


Grietje family member in the spotlight!

Although she is not classified yet, the lovely K&L Poppe Gonda looks beautiful and youthful as a milking heifer. With an extremely good udder and a lot of dairy strength, Poppe Holsteins and 3STAR Genetics did well by breeding this great first calver.... Read more


This is the dam of Santorin Red & Barone Rosso!

Recently, K&L RM Soraya Red VG-85, dam of K&L RM Santorin Red and K&L RM Barone Rosso was captured on camera. The red EDG Defend Breaker RDC daughter of Ritmaster Holsteins and 3STAR Genetics, which goes all the way back to the special Gen-I-Beq Goldwyn Secret, is a nice addition for the Red-Holstein breeding!... Read more


Admire the beautiful K&L CR Indira

This beautiful Cyrano daughter K&L CR Indira was recently photographed. Cyrano is a young Cinema son from the Genua/Grietje family and inherits positive health traits with a plus in milk.... Read more


K&L KD Wilma is caught on camera

The beautiful King Doc daughter K&L KD Wilma was recently captured on camera. Her father is currently the only bull in the Top 100 TPI International proven sires with a PTAT above +3.00. This offered great perspective for the embryos combination 3STAR Genetics bought out of the American Siemers Solomon Whipcream. From these embryos no less than four full sisters were born: K&L KD Wanda, K&L KD Wishfull, K&L KD Wonder and this fantastic K&L KD Wilma.... Read more


Lakeside Dagon Paya raised her score to VG-89!

A wonderful new score received Lakeside Dagon Paya during the last classification. The Mr. Alphagen Dagon daughter of the Van Vliet family recently got VG-89 AV with EX-91 for her impressive mammary system. In addition to Paya VG-89, another nine milking cows and heifers were classified at Lakeside Holsteins and Upstream Holsteins.... Read more


New genomic topper at Zandenburg Holsteins!

The American genomic proof run in June shows that the highest females in Europe also score above 3000 gTPI. The new list leader is with 3055 gTPI a German Pine-Tree Heroic daughter, which comes from the De-Su BW Marshal Georgia EX-90 family... Read more


Great herd additions at De Wijde Blik

De Wijde Blik owns descendants from several beautiful cow families such as Ms Kingstead Chief Adeen, Neblina and Southland Dellia. In the past few months, their herd has further expanded with two wonderful purchases.... Read more


Top 100 NVI B&W is published

There are 13 animals from GenHotel members who have reached the top 100 black and white NVI. The highest scoring on this list has 363 NVI. The highest animal bred by members of GenHotel has an NVI of 353, placing it in fantastic 5th place.... Read more


Styx daughter Kalibra SX 5631 Red classified with VG-87

Kalibra SX 5631 was six months old when she entered the De Oosterhof dairy farm after being purchased by Willem Scholten and 3STAR Genetics. Now, more than two years later, she has grown into a beautiful milking heifer, which perfectly represents the Wilder Kanu family in the Netherlands... Read more


Increasing influence Fienchen family at Aalshorst Holsteins

At Aalshorst Holsteins 17 first calvers got a classification score, 4 cows got re-scored. The average of this classification round is GP-84.7. No less then 11 cows decend from the Poppe Fienchen family with Poppe Fienchen 580 RDC VG-89 as their matriarch (s. Stol Joc).... Read more

Apina Massia

K&L RM Marith Red

Jacuzzi-Red x GP-82 Nuance RDC x VG-87 Sunfish RDC

One of the highest red heifers on NVI, combined with a top RZG!

Apina Nadja

K&L BT Nadia P GP-84

GP-84 Batch P x Profit x Balisto

► Nadia P is one of the highest polled females in the German and Dutch genomic system.

Bomaz Frido

3STAR Bomaz Rive

Riveting x Salvatore RC x VG-88 Delta


Riveting x Salvatore RC x VG-88 Delta

Butemare Ida

Exloër K&L Date Ida

AltaDateline x VG-86 Cyrano x VG-86 Battlecry

From the Ida's: 152 gRZG & 120 F&L on German basis and great NVI. 

K&L CR Indira VG-86

VG-86 Cyrano x VG-86 Battlecry x VG-86 Boss

Great cow out of the Veneriete RUW Board/IDA family!

Caspars Dorina

AM Dakota GP-84

GP-84 Jetset x VG-85 Anton x EX-90 Bookem

One of the highest GRZG Jetset daughters

Cookiecutter Mom Halo

Holbra K&L Magic Havelange VG-85

VG-85 Magictouch x Delta x VG-86 Supersire

High GTPI Magictouch granddaughter of Cookiecutter Ssire Have (Supersire x Cookiecutter MOM Halo)

Beerzedal K&L Helena

Sound System x Delta x VG-86 Supersire

CNH K&L Hester VG-85

VG-85 Sound System x Delta x VG-86 Supersire

No. 2 Sound System worldwide for GTPI!

3STAR RT Havanja

Riveting x Imax x Montross

De-Su BW Marshal Georgia

K&L FD Superfine GP-83

GP-83 Finder x Supershot x G-75 Shotglass

Dam of the superbull K&L Sputnik RDC !


Merryguy x Bandares x GP-82 Supershot

Young Merryguy from the De-Su BW Marshal Georgia family 

Dixie-Lee Aspen

Amber PP Red

Solitair P Red x VG-85 Abi Red PP x VG-87 Powerball P

► Red, homozygous polled, kappa-casein BB ánd absolute top gRZG!

Grietje 80 / Genua

Poppe 3STAR Golden 1977

Vh Crown x VG-86 Rubi Agronaut x GP-84 Cinema

Massive health, production and comformation traits!

JHS Holsteins 3STAR Gonda 1

Bellwether x VG-86 Rubi Agronaut x GP-84 Cinema

Sired by K&L OH Bellwether & offspring of Genua/Grietje family

Sietskeshoeve 3STAR Gaby

Gigabyte x VG-86 Rubi Agronaut x GP-84 Cinema

She's the TOP of NVI and RZG!


Finja-Red GP-81

GP-81 Salvatore RC x VG-85 Apoll P Red x VG-88 Kanu P

High GRZG and Red Salvatore daughter

Buiner K&L Schreur Fierrella RDC

Starello RDC x GP-81 Salvatore RC x VG-85 Apoll P Red

155 gRZG RDC Starello RDC daughter with RZN, RZS and FUN!

Gen-I-Beq Goldwyn Secret RC


AltaDateline x Rubi-Asp RC x Supershot

Extremely high RZG and GTPI heifer!

Glen-Drummond Splendor

K&L SV Sunny Red GP-83

GP-83 Salvatore RC x Rubicon x GP-83 Cashcoin

Top broodcow with 3 sons in AI already and many high daughters

Diekers K&L DL Whiskey RDC

AltaDateline x GP-83 Salvatore RC x Rubicon

High AltaDateline from allrounder Sunny Red

Diekers K&L DL Sherry RDC

AltaDateline x GP-83 Salvatore RC x Rubicon

► Worldclass Red carrier heifer! high GTPI and RZG! 

K&L OH Sylvia P RDC

Match P RDC x GP-83 Salvatore RC x Rubicon

Great polled and R&W with stunning indexes on American and German bases

K&L OH Silky Red GP-82

GP-82 Styx Red x VG-85 Pat-Red x VG-85 AltaHydro

From the Des-Y-Gen Planet Silk / Gen-I-Beq Goldwyn Secret family

3STAR OH Sunnyside Red

Rubels-Red x GP-83 Salvatore RC x Rubicon

The absolute R&W top of the world with a massive 163 gRZG & 2830 GTPI / 703 NM!

K&L OH Shiner Red

Rubels-Red x GP-83 Salvatore RC x Rubicon

A gigantic high gTPI, combined with a super gRZG makes her one of the most valuable red and whites in Europe! 

Glenridge Citation Roxy


Prosperous x Kerrigan x EX-90 Montross

One of the highest Prosperous daughters on German base!

Golden-Oaks Mark Prudence

3STAR OH Red Rose

Rubels-Red x VG-85 Salvatore RC x VG-87 Rubicon

Full sister to 3STAR OH Red Ranger @ Semex, the nr. 1 red bull in the world!

Gold-N-Oaks S Marbella

Pen-Col Superhero Mistral VG-89

VG-89 Superhero x Silver x GP-82 Supersire

Topcow with 5 sons in AI, all high on both GTPI & GRZG!

Tirsvad K&L Riveting Magnolia

Riveting x VG-89 Superhero x Silver

Fantastic heifer with topgenomics in different systems

Tirsvad K&L Pursuit Milano ET

Pursuit x VG-89 Superhero x Silver

Family continues to deliver amazig offspring

Tirsvad K&L Riveting Malaysia

Riveting x VG-89 Superhero x Silver

155 RZG & 2809 TPI (12-2020) daughter of Pen-Col Mistral (Miss Magic)


KHE I'm Good VG-87

VG-87 Gymnast x VG-85 Rubicon x VG-89 Shotglass

High GRZG and GTPI Gymnast, full brother in Spain @ Aberekin named Gigante

Poppe K&L Gorgina

Durable x VG-87 Gymnast x VG-85 Rubicon

A2A2 Durable daughter with huge RZG 

K&L Poppe Goody

Soundcloud x VG-87 Gymnast x VG-85 Rubicon

Lovely pedigree that goes back at the famous French Ugela Bell daughter Gourmette EX-92

Poppe K&L Gabriela

Riveting x VG-87 Gymnast x VG-85 Rubicon

A2A2 Riveting from the Gourmette family!

Juniper Outside Wish

K&L KD Wilma

King Doc x GP-82 Solomon x EX-91 Brokaw

Fancy 3.43 PTAT granddaughter of Siemers Brkw Whipcream EX

K&L KD Wonder

King Doc x GP-82 Solomon x EX-91 Brokaw

Only the best from this unique American cow family

Kamps-Hollow Durham Altitude

Visstein K&L SV Aderina Red VG-88

VG-88 Salvatore RC x VG-86 Nugget RDC x VG-85 Supersire

► Aderina Red is the dam of Visstein K&L Money P Red and has other 2 sons and brothers in AI

K&L SX Aikina RDC GP-84

GP-84 Styx Red x VG-86 Nugget RDC x VG-85 Supersire

From the fantastic Aiko / Altitude family

3STAR OH Alexia Red

Rubels-Red x VG-85 Salvatore RC x VG-88 Rubicon

Rubels daughter with fantastic RZG and TPI!

3STAR OH Amalia Red

Rubels-Red x VG-85 Salvatore RC x VG-88 Rubicon

Poppe K&L Adele Red

Gywer RDC x GP-84 Great Red x VG-86 Nugget RDC

KHE Illinois


Lightstar x Superhero x GP-84 Icone

Early Lightstar with balanced genomic profile!

Kamps-Hollow Durham Altitude RDC

Windlooper Arizona

Apple-Crisp RDC x VG-88 Olympian RC x EX-96 Redburst Red

Beautifull show heifer with a fantastic pedigree

GHH Applause Red

Devour RDC x VG-88 Redburst Red x EX-96 Regiment

Granddam is the one and only Regiment Apple!

Batouwe Wm Aimee RDC

Mark RDC x VG-85 Salvatore RC x VG-88 Rubicon

Koepon Classy

Drouner K&L Classy VG-87

VG-87 Superhero x Silver x GP-83 AltaOak

Very high Superhero from the Koepon Classy family

Drouner K&L Clara VG-85

VG-85 Imax x Silver x GP-83 AltaOak

High GTPI Imax daughter

Koepon Nitro Classy 445

AltaNitro x VG-85 Superhero x Silver

► Classy 445 is with 418 gNVI the highest G-DeRuyter AltaNitro daughter on the Dutch base. She is also one of the highest AltaNitro daughters for gTPI, the number 2 Net Merit in Europe and in the top 5 gRZG AltaNitro daughters.

Drouner K&L Classy 1662

Kenobi x VG-87 Superhero x Silver

High Kenobi from the Classy's

Drouner K&L Claxima 1706

Soundcloud x GP-83 Imax x Silver

Fantastic 130 RZN & 130 EUT

Larcrest Cosmopolitan

K&L KD Ciracha

King Doc x Byway x EX-91 Doorman

Exclusive high type heifer from the Crimson/Cosmopolitan Family

3STAR Cimona RDC

Moovin RDC x King Doc x Byway

3STAR Conchita

Thunder Storm x King Doc x Byway

Maybelline Tual

De Oosterhof K&L May Lios Tual GP-84

GP-84 Helios x VG-85 Rubicon x GP-84 Cashcoin

Has 2 daughters by Hothand with very high RZG's

K&L OH Mabel

Granite x VG-85 Rubicon x GP-84 Cashcoin

Fantastic genomic transmitter with already 6 sons in AI!

K&L OH Melanie

Challenger x Granite x VG-85 Rubicon

Tremendous TPI of 2933!

K&L OH Marly

Crimson x Granite x VG-85 Rubicon

Amazing 2889 TPI 764 NM!

K&L OH Mallory

Kenobi x Granite x VG-85 Rubicon

Topquality daughter of the mega bullmother K&L OH Mabel

Drouner K&L Mabel 1710

Discjockey x Granite x VG-85 Rubicon

2821 TPI Discjockey from Mabel

K&L Oh Manon

Crimson x Granite x VG-85 Rubicon

K&L OH Mabely

Discjockey x Granite x VG-85 Rubicon

Great looking daughter of the famous K&L OH Mabel with exceptional udder index

K&L OH Mistress

Discjockey x Granite x VG-85 Rubicon

Great overall genomics with fantastic type.

Newhouse Sneeker

Heihoef K&L SD Salvia 6

Sound System x Battlecry x GP-82 Shotglass

Number 1 gRZG Sound System worldwide (12-2018)!


Caudumer Royal Flash 3 P Red

Solitair P Red x Styx Red x GP-84 Silver

The absolute top based on red and polled!

Regancrest- PR Barbie

LHO Bella

Best Benz x VG-87 Federal x VG-85 Josuper

Bella is fenonable with her huge RZG, gRZ€ and her nice gTPI!

Sandy-Valley Bolt Sheila

SPH Alberta

Bali x GP-84 Gymnast x VG-86 Supershot

Seagull-Bay O-Man Mirror / S-S-I Bookem Modesto 7269

K&L OH Mindy

Klutch x VG-85 Delta x VG-87 Bookem

Seagull-Bay O-Man Mirror / Plain-Knoll Mogul Mariah

De Oosterhof K&L Miracle

Kenobi x GP-82 Rubi Agronaut x VG-85 Josuper

High RZG, GTPI and NVI heifer from bull dam Mirror!

K&L OH Maribel

Pursuit x Granite x VG-85 Rubicon

Top GTPI heifer from the famous K&L OH Mabel

K&L OH Magical

Crimson x GP-82 Rubi Agronaut x VG-85 Josuper

3STAR OH Martini

Einstein x Granite x VG-85 Rubicon

Martini is one of the highest gTPI Einstein-daughters in Europe. She has great scores for the fitness traits and transmits positive on components.


Nacash x GP-82 Rubi Agronaut x VG-85 Josuper

3STAR OH MyBritt

Rome x GP-82 Rubi Agronaut x VG-85 Josuper

Mirror daughter with extremely high components

De Oosterhof 3STAR Miranda

Nacash x GP-82 Rubi Agronaut x VG-85 Josuper

3STAR OH Mylady

Rome x GP-82 Rubi Agronaut x VG-85 Josuper

3STAR OH Marry

Pursuit x GP-82 Rubi Agronaut x VG-85 Josuper


Challenger x GP-82 Rubi Agronaut x VG-85 Josuper

3STAR OH Marionette

Pursuit x GP-82 Rubi Agronaut x VG-85 Josuper

3STAR OH Mironna

Einstein x GP-82 Rubi Agronaut x VG-85 Josuper

3STAR CP Menna

Copyright x Guarantee x VG-85 Delta

Southland Dellia

K&L CS Delfy

Casino x Board x VG-86 Balisto

From the amazing Southland Dellia family

Poppe K&L GN Dellia 1560

Gymnast x GP-84 Battlecry x VG-86 Shotglass

High GRZG Gymnast

K&L AV Delfine

Avicii x Board x VG-86 Balisto

One of the highest Avicii daughters and out of the family of K&L CIDRE!

K&L HS Delfine

Hotspot P x Board x VG-86 Balisto

K&L PC Deltia Red

Pace-Red x VG-88 Nugget RDC x VG-89 Aikman RDC

High & Red Pace-Red daughter out of the family of K&L CIDRE! Due Dec. 2020

Visstein K&L Mercedes

Benz x Board x VG-86 Balisto

THI Xtra

Lis K&L Xemmi 7970

Kensington x Lighter x VG-87 Supershot

► Sky-high gRZG Kensington daughter with tremendous production potential

Lis K&L Xunia 3362

Lighter x VG-87 Supershot x VG-85 Shotglass

One of the highest GRZG Lighter daughters

Tidy-Brook Elton Steph

TWR Super Girl P

Milford-P x Boss x VG-86 Beacon

One of the most interesting Polled heifers in Europe, due March 2019

HWH K&L Super Bird P

Malinus x Milford-P x Boss

Tui Onyx Nick

K&L IM Nelize

Imax x GP-82 Board x Balisto

K&L SX Shyra RDC

Styx Red x GP-83 Missouri x VG-88 Ladd P

Red Carrier Styx from the VanHolland Shakira family

K&L Nicole 50

Sound System x VG-87 Battlecry x EX-93 Sargeant

Wa-Del RC Blackstar Martha

MS Cidre Kacidre VG-85

VG-85 Cidre x VG-85 Citizen x VG-85 Balisto

Early Cidre daughter with huge production potential!

Welcome Bolton Gina


Spark Red x GP-84 Styx Red x VG-87 Balisto

Tasty has enormous RZG, production and type combined!

Welcome Augustine Wanda

SHS Electra

Vh Crown x VG-85 Cameron x VG-86 Barcley

VH Crown from the Welcome Augustine Wanda VG-87 cow family with a tremendous RZG profile!

Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy

Peak Kid Sophia 6053

AltaKid x VG-88 Monterey x VG-86 Supersire

Granddaughter of the famous OCD Supersire 9882-ET


Copyright x Skywalker x Duke

Whittier-Farms Outside Roz

K&L OH Rozella VG-85

VG-85 Gymnast x VG-89 Rubicon x EX-93 Doorman

► K&L OH Rozella scores besides a great TPI also well in Germany and The Netherlands.

Wilder Kanu

K&L SK Konzert Red VG-88

VG-88 Silky Red x Battlecry x EX-90 Brekem RDC

Fresh in August, easy VG with great feet & legs!

Poppe K&L Kalibra 9039 Red

Gywer RDC x Styx Red x VG-88 Battlecry

Type, production and an impressive German cowfamily!

De Oosterhof K&L Kalibra 1 P Red

Solitair P Red x VG-87 Styx Red x VG-88 Battlecry

Great pedigree with top genomics!

K&L Oh Kywibra Red

Gywer RDC x VG-87 Styx Red x VG-88 Battlecry

A2A2 Gywer Red with 155 RZG, 136 EUT & 137 RZE!

K&L GW Maxima Red

Gywer RDC x GP-84 Pace-Red x GP-84 Battlecry

A top member of the famous Wilder Kanu family

Voorhof K&L Kacy Red

Match P RDC x Salvatore RC x EX-90 Brekem RDC

VanHolland K&L Kanuchi Red

Jacuzzi-Red x Salvatore RC x EX-90 Brekem RDC

Kalibra SX 7700 RDC GP-81

GP-81 Styx Red x VG-88 Battlecry x EX-90 Brekem RDC

Has a great genomic profile, both good on RZG and NVI

Kalibra SX 5629 RDC

Styx Red x VG-88 Battlecry x EX-90 Brekem RDC

Red carrier Styx from the Wilder Kanu family with great genomics

Kalibra SX 5631 Red VG-87

VG-87 Styx Red x VG-88 Battlecry x EX-90 Brekem RDC

VG-87, VG-88 MS! Already 4 sons in AI !

K&L PC Kanika Red VG-85

VG-85 Pace-Red x VG-87 Board x EX-90 Brekem RDC

Full sister to K&L Palace Red

K&L EP Kanua RDC

Emperor RDC x VG-87 Board x EX-90 Brekem RDC

One of the highest Red carrier heifers worldwide on RZG

Buiner K&L Kalya GP-82

GP-82 Pace-Red x GP-82 Battlecry x VG-86 Brekem RDC

Red Pace-red daughter of Wilder K 2002 RDC

K&L SK Kontiki Red VG-85

VG-85 Silky Red x Battlecry x EX-90 Brekem RDC

Just fresh!

HIN Kristall RDC

Zebra *Rc x Spark Red x GP-84 Styx Red

Wilder Meta

K&L MS Moni P G-77

G-77 Mission P RDC x VG-87 Supershot x VG-86 Picanto

The #1 Polled for GRZG (07-2017)

Willem's-Hoeve Javina

Willem's Hoeve Javina 1775 GP-83

GP-83 Concert x Balisto x VG-87 Gofast

One of the highest cows on both Dutch and German basis

Willem's Hoeve K&L Javina 2314

Merryguy x Esperanto x GP-82 Bestboss

Merryguy with tremendously gRZG!

Willem's-Hoeve Rita

K&L Riana 1

Starello RDC x VG-87 Rubi-Asp RC x Apoll P Red

A Starello RDC with amazing Dutch and German genomics

Windy-Knoll-View Policy

Aalshorst K&L Fina 1 G-78

G-78 Lighter x VG-86 Supershot x VG-86 Snowman

Top GRZG Lighter from the Windy-Knoll-View Promis family

Kingstead Chief Adeen

Rocca 3STAR Adna-Red

Warrior-Red x Jordy-Red x VG-89 Archrival

3STAR BM Juice

Batman x Juicy x GP-83 Delta

Proud to have bred

Red Rocks Effort Red

Ellmau x Bonhill Warsi 124 RDC TY

#1 GRZG and #1 GNVI (08-2014)

Red Rocks K&L Lazar P Red

Label P x Bonhill Warsi 124 RDC TY

#2 GRZG (12-2015)

HWH K&L Background

Beauty x PBCD FD Sina

Former #1 GRZG bull!

FG K&L Cidre

Cinema x Manders Dellia 8

#4 GRZG (04-2017)

K&L BL Leida 2424 GP-82

Balisto x VDP Leida 466

Topseller VOST Select Sale 2 for €21.500! Buyer: CRV

Veenhuizer K&L JT Jake

Jetset x Veenhuizer K&L BL Nelize

Veenhuizer K&L Jameson

Jetset x Veenhuizer K&L BL Nelize

Red Rocks K&L RUW Novum Red

Nugget x Red Rocks K&L Warsi 1 Red @RUW

K&L Mannish Red

Manana x Flora (Mega-Watt) @ RUW

Top 4 Red bull Germany april 2020

Willsbro K&L Adhere

Commander x Willsbro K&L Adina

No. 3 proven bull Germany 04-2020

K&L Sputnik RDC

Spark x Finder @RUW

No. 1 RDC RZG bull worldwide and No. 3 of all B&W bull april 2020!

Kalibra SX 5631 Red VG-87

Westcoast Styx Red x Wilder Kalibra RDC VG-86
Has four sons in AI!

Sietskeshoeve K&L RM Solo Red

Spark x Kalibra DB 5632 RDC
No. 1 R&W bull Poland (08-2020)

K&L OH Matty P RDC

Tirsvad Match P RDC x K&L SV Sunny Red

Visstein K&L Money P Red

Tirsvad Match P RDC x Visstein K&L SV Aderina Red

K&L OH Gigolo Red

Gywer RDC x Kalibra SX 5631 Red

K&L OH Kameraad Red

Gywer RDC x Kalibra SX 5631 Red

Poppe K&L San Remo

Soundcloud x KHE I'm Good

Drouner K&L Augustus P Red

NO 1 R&W sire in Switserland 4-2021

K&L LZ Conan PP Red

No. 1 R&w progeny proven sire in the UK 4-2021

Schreur 3STAR Sampler PP

No. 1 PP sire in Germany (4-2021)

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