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Top red carrier USA genomic result for Koepon in June!

The USA genomics results of newly tested females in June have been published again by the Holstein Association USA. Cookiecutter Holysmokes had a large share in the highest newly tested calves in May, in June the sire presence in the European top 50 gTPI shows more variation... Read more


+3.61 PTAT Hanans from Silvermaple Damion Camomile EX-95

In addition to a wide range of top genomics heifers, the ongoing GenHotel Selection Sale also offers some lots from impressive showtype families. Like BWN Camomilla 2, a daughter of the type bull Siemers Exc Hanans, with no less than +3.61 gPTAT, from the stunning Silvermaple Damion Camomile EX-95 cow family.... Read more


USA genomics of European females

The American genomics run in April has resulted in quite some diversity of sires of the highest, newly genomic tested females in Europe, with several interesting daughters from Gameday, Mahomes, Parfect, AltaWheelhouse and Ranger-Red.... Read more


Successful GenHotel Selection Sale purchase

Back in August 2020 BWN Holsteins and GenHotel offered the 2681 gTPI (8-2021) scoring BWN 3STAR Sunny Red at the GenHotel Selection Sale. Sunny Red ranked very well and belonged among the top 5 gTPI Swingman daughters in Europe! Wilder Holsteins saw the enormous potential of this Swingman Red and bought her as addition to their breeding program.... Read more


Granddaughters of Erle 10 EX-93 & Barbara EX-96 pictured!

BWN Holsteins (Bas Nagel, the Netherlands) owns some descendants out of fantastic cow families. And over the years he has been able to further expand the portfolio with beautiful animals. The leading families from the 'BWN repertoire' are currently those of the English Field of Dreams Formation Erle EX-95 and the American Regancrest-PR Barbie Durham EX-92. From these amazing foundation cows, stunning heifers were recently pictured!... Read more


GenHotel members offer embryos at the Agro-Expo Dairy Sale

Saturday evening at 8.30 PM the online Agro-Expo Dairy Sale will take place. In addition to the great offer of young heifer calves, heifers and milking 2-yr-olds, the sale also includes embryos offered by GenHotel members Zwanebloem Holsteins, Van Het Zomerbloemhof and BWN Holsteins.... Read more


'Sublime' achievement: classified EX-97 as a 12-yr-old!

World news: The twelve-years-old Blondin Goldwyn Subliminale is classified EX-97 and also her fantastic mammary is scored EX-97. The Braedale Goldwyn daughter of the American show and breeder herd Budjon Farms successfully ended her show career in May by winning the Grand Champion & Best Udder at the Midwest National Spring Show 2021... Read more


Blondin Goldwyn Subliminal EX-96 Grand Champion again!

Last weekend at the Midwest National Spring Holstein Show in America, Blondin Goldwyn Subliminal EX-96 won a major title for the last time at the age of 12 years old and in her 8th lactation. She will now start enjoying her well-deserved retirement after a long and successful show career.... Read more


Number 2 gPTAT Thunder Storm in Europe

It can't be a coincidence with a name like BWN Camillia. She is namely the great-granddaughter of Silvermaple Damion Camomile EX-95 - two-time 'All-American' & 'All Canadian'! Camillia is sired by Mr Blondin Thunder Storm and will be, just like Camomile EX-95, a real star!... Read more


Barbara & Subliminal win 'All American 2020' titles

The 'All-American 2020' winners were presented recently! This high quality contest has an important and global influence in the Holstein breeding. The All-American contest contains several categories, it is in the Lifetime Production class where we find two outstanding cows with a big history and both of them play a big part in the 3STAR Fokprogramma.... Read more


Batouwe Ailisha Salva Red classified

Another Kamps-Hollow Durham Altitude EX-95 family member in the Netherlands is classified VG! Batouwe Ailisha Salva Red by Mr Salvatore RDC is in her first lactation. She proved herself to be a great and successful brood cow with already over 20 high scoring offspring... Read more


Number 1 Watson globally from Durham Altitude RDC EX-95 family!

You don't have to wait much longer for this Progenesis Watson RDC (Imax x Delta) to be yours! BWN 3STAR Aileen RDC comes from a very well-known and proven cow family with 9 generations of VG/EX in a row. This Kamps-Hollow Durham Altitude RDC EX-95 descendant is going to have a brilliant career of her own!... Read more


+3.20 gPTAT & +2.35 UDC Thunder Storm!

BWN Holsteins has been successful in breeding high PTAT animals already for several years. Now you can enjoy this success and become owner of your own +3.20 gPTAT & +2.35 UDC Thunder Storm daughter too!... Read more


Arianne-Red: the no. 1 R&W Conformation

If you have already browsed the catalogue of the 8th VOST Select Sale, you probably haven't missed this amazing red descendant of MS Kingstead Chief Adeen EX-94! With an excellent pedigree like this, you'll definately steal the show in every show ring!... Read more


R&W Unstopabull-Red from the Adeens!

In addition to heifers with a high genomic profile, this GenHotel Selection Sale also offers heifers out of awesome type families. Like Riverdown Unstopabull-Red daughter BWN Adeen-Red, a member from a special cow family that is very popular in the type scene for many years!... Read more


Amazing MS Kingstead Chief Adeen offspring in the Netherlands

One of the most famous Dutch descendants of MS Kingstead Chief Adeen EX-94 is HC Archrival Arianne, the Eclipse Atwoods Archrival daughter of Batouwe- and Schouten Holsteins. Recently, she received another visit from the classifier. The white beauty is now in her second lactation and appeared for the second time in front of the camera. In addition, her daughters know how to match her in many aspects!... Read more


New genomic topper at Zandenburg Holsteins!

The American genomic proof run in June shows that the highest females in Europe also score above 3000 gTPI. The new list leader is with 3055 gTPI a German Pine-Tree Heroic daughter, which comes from the De-Su BW Marshal Georgia EX-90 family... Read more


New proofs NLD Holstein

The April proof run for bulls in The Netherlands has resulted in great results for a number of GenHotel members. Below are several highlights... Read more


New at GenHotel: BWN Holsteins

New at GenHotel is BWN Holsteins owned by Bas Nagel, Nieuwerbrug. At the site to BWN Holsteins you will find offspring from the Danisch Tirsvad Luke Classic family, Hol-Stiens Jazzstar and Bouw Goldwyn Femmy.... Read more

Blondin Goldwyn Subliminal /Blondin Skychief Supra

BWN Verheul Sub

Crush x EX-97 Goldwyn x EX-93 Red Marker

Direct, milking daughter of the one and only Blondin Goldwyn Subliminal

Bons-Holsteins Koba

Wiericker BWN Koba 2 GP-83

GP-83 Gold Chip x VG-89 Windbrook x EX-91 Jasper

Mr Chassity Gold Chip from the Dutch Bons Holsteins Koba's!

Loyalyn Goldwyn June

BWN Upgrade June

Upgrade x VG-88 Solomon x EX-97 Goldwyn

Bouw Goldwyn Femmy / Ralma Juror Faith

Groenibo Bwn Cidre Becky GP-84

GP-84 Cidre x GP-80 Battlecry x GP-83 Danno

Fancy Cidre from the Bouw Goldwyn Femmy family

Kamps-Hollow Durham Altitude

Batouwe Ailisha Salva Red VG-85

VG-85 Salvatore RDC x VG-89 Rubicon x VG-87 Supersire

Red Salvatore from the Kamps-Hollow Durham Altitude family

Pond-Oak Ned Boy Margot

MS-BWN Manilla P RDC VG-85

VG-85 Potter P x GP-84 Snowfever x VG-86 Wonder

Polled and red carrier Potter P from the Malina family

BWN Malina P VG-86

VG-86 Bahrain x VG-86 Adagio P x VG-85 Potter P

BWN Alexia P RDC VG-86

VG-86 Adagio P x VG-85 Potter P x GP-84 Snowfever

Polled and RDC Adagio P daughter of MS-BWN Manilla P RC.

BWN Vinessa P

Vineyard x VG-86 Adagio P x VG-85 Potter P

Polland Vineyard

Regancrest-PR Barbie

BWN Barbara

Unix x VG-86 Crush x EX-96 Goldwyn

Butz-Butler Gold Barbara's granddaughter! Co-owned with Mts. Laan

Silvermaple Damion Camomile

BWN Camomilla VG-85

VG-85 Undenied x VG-86 Archrival x EX-91 Doorman

BWN Camillia

Thunder Storm x VG-85 Undenied x VG-86 Archrival

Stunning PTAT-score!

Bwn Carmen

Hanans x Thunder Storm x VG-85 Undenied

BWN Fitou

Fitters Choice x Thunder Storm x VG-85 Undenied

Siemers Fitters Choice from the Silvermaple Damion Camomile family

UFM-Dubs Eroy

SIH Emily VG-85

VG-85 Yoda x VG-87 Silver x VG-88 Shotglass

► Cal-Roy-Al Yoda daughter with gRZG and tremendous genomic proof for kgs fat  !

Wyndford Goldwyn Erle

BWN Mona RDC VG-88

VG-88 Moovin RDC x Doorman x EX-93 Sanchez

Proud to have bred


Maik x MS Malina 12

Bwn Danno Chief

Danno x Bouw Epic Finola

Full brother to BWN Danni

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