Dukefarm Holsteins shows off with average score of 84.5 AV

At Dukefarm Holsteins were recently 23 black & whites classified. One of them, a fourth calver sired by Vero Startrek, met the classifier for the second time and upgraded her total score. The classifier had a great day at the Flamish dairy farm, because the 22 two-yr-olds scored an average total score of 84.5 points!

Dukefarm Alistar (by Startrek) is a descendant of the very famous R&W cow Massia 13 VG-86 (by Andries). Massia 13 VG-86 played an import role in the success of the Apina Massia family, which is now one of the most high-impacting cow families in Europe! Alistar's granddam, Dukefarm Astro VG-85 (Delta Astro x Delta Alita GP-84), was the first generation of the Massia's at Dukefarm Holsteins. Now, many generations later, D'Hauwe still enjoys the power of this family through Alistar VG-88/ EX-90 FL.

Dukefarm Alita VG-88 (s. G-Force), dam Alistar VG-88

From the well-known cow family of Remarlinda EX-90 (s. Jocko), the 2-yr-old Dukefarm Punata by Roylane Boxer Punch was classified with VG-86/VG-88 FR & TY. Punata VG-88 is a great-granddaughter of Etazon Renate VG-86, the dam of daughter proven sire Delta Atlantic and daughter of the above mentioned Remarlinda EX-90 (s. Jocko)! The VG-86 Punch daughter produces  amazing with 11,170 kgM 3.84% F & 3.37% P (in 305-days).

Remarlinda EX-90 (s. Jocko)  broodcow

12 Of the 22 first calvers score 'Very Good', which had a huge impact on the super average score of this classification day!  You can find an overview of the highest results below.

Name Sire Dam Col Lact FR DS MS FL TOT
Alistar Startrek Alita VG-88 Z 4 86 86 88 90 88
Rascara Rush Hour Gascara GP-80 Z 1 85 85 88 88 87
Hotmira Hotline Esmira-P-RF GP-81 Z 1 86 86 88 87 87
Elsie Rush Hour Elsie GP-83 Z 1 85 85 86 86 86
Hotmera Hotline Esmira-P-RF GP-81 Z 1 87 87 86 86 86
Punata Punch Renata GP-84 Z 1 88 88 84 87 86
Grammy Rush Rush Hour Grammy Force GP-81 Z 1 86 86 84 87 86
Revata Revisor P  Mcc Renate VG-85 Z 1 85 85 86 87 86
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