Adjustments April 2021 proof run

The first proof run of 2021 is almost knocking at the door. Some index calculations (RZG, TPI and NVI) will be adjusted, which will (slightly) influence total indexes of progeny proven as well as young sires. 

RZG, Germany
The RZG will be published in a new composition. From April on the traits RZGes (health) and RZKfit (calf health) will be included in the formula, while the RZS (SCS) will be removed from the RZG. Because of this modification the weight of traits within the RZG formula will change (more info). How this change will affect the weighting is shown in the image below.

TPI, the USA
​The April 2021 TPI includes an adjustment for the Feed Efficiency $ index. Before April 2021 the FE$ formula included milk, lbs fat and lbs protein. The 'new' FE$ adds the trait Feed Saved, which will have a slight impact on TPI. Not just because of the change within the formula of FE$, but also because FE$ will get a more important role and therefore the TPI formula uses a slightly larger standard deviation for FE$, i.e. 52 versus 45. Click here for more info.

NVI, the Netherlands and Flanders
There will be a change concerning fertility. A new trait, called 'Open Days' will be introduced and in the fertility index (VRU) the trait calving interval will be replaced for interval calving to first insemination.

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