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Lola v/h Zomerbloemhof wins Senior Championship in Flanders!

The Senior Champion of West-Vlaanderen 2022, Lola v/h Zomerbloemhof, was able to show her qualities again last week during the Agriflanders 2023, after having increased her score to EX-91 with EX-92 Mammary last December! After a thrilling battle, the highest classified Reflector daughter of Flanders and the Netherlands won the Championship of the B&W Senior Class.... Read more


GenHotel members offer embryos at the Agro-Expo Dairy Sale

Saturday evening at 8.30 PM the online Agro-Expo Dairy Sale will take place. In addition to the great offer of young heifer calves, heifers and milking 2-yr-olds, the sale also includes embryos offered by GenHotel members Zwanebloem Holsteins, Van Het Zomerbloemhof and BWN Holsteins.... Read more


Van Het Zomerbloemhof sells!

Next week Saturday, January 29th the Flemish Agro-Expo Dairy Sale will take place online. During this special online edition, the Belgium GenHotel member Van Het Zomerbloemhof will offer also several stunning sale lots!... Read more


New Dutch Annual Statistics (2020-2021)

This week CRV published the average milk recordings of its members in the Netherlands and Flanders. In addition to the national figures, the top lists of the herd averages were also published. Here we again find GenHotel members in the rankings.... Read more


V/h Zomerbloemhof strikes with two excellent cows

Recently 53 cows were classified with a average score of VG-85.5 at V/h Zomerbloemhof. Two cows in their fourth lactation which were awarded with EX were the icing on the cake, also a second calver at the dairy farm of the Lahouse family did an amazing job with VG-89!... Read more


Genomic testing of females in other countries

Many know that GenHotel continuously tests females for genomics in Germany and the USA. What may not be known to everyone is that via GenHotel females are also genomic tested in 6 other countries. These heifers are pre-selected based on their pedigree... Read more


GenHotel members in top of annual statistics

Never before has the lifetime production of dairy cows in the Netherlands been so high, this was shown by the new annual statistics recently published by Coöperatie CRV. In the last year (2019-2020), the Dutch cows produced 34,000 kgs of milk with 2,691 kgs of fat and protein (increase of 2,500 kgs of milk and 200 kgs of fat and protein compared to the previous year). This increase can be explained by an increase in daily production and a longer productive life. In addition to these stastistics, the new average production of Dutch dairyfarmers were also released. In the top 50 of the list of 'Bedrijfsgemiddelden MPR' we find no less than four GenHotel Members this year!... Read more


Lilli V/H Zomerbloemhof now classified VG-89!

Recently, it was time for a classification day at the Flemish Van het Zomerbloemhof. A number of 21 milking heifers got a stunning average total score of 84.1 points. In addition, a group of cows were rescored, including the impressive Dukefarm Director daughter Lilli V/H Zomerbloemhof RDC. She was awarded with VG-89/EX-90 FR in her third lactation... Read more


New genomic topper at Zandenburg Holsteins!

The American genomic proof run in June shows that the highest females in Europe also score above 3000 gTPI. The new list leader is with 3055 gTPI a German Pine-Tree Heroic daughter, which comes from the De-Su BW Marshal Georgia EX-90 family... Read more


Van het Zomerbloemhof had a great classification day

Dries Lahousse of Van het Zomerbloemhof had 49 milking heifers classified. The Belgium dairyfarm of Lahousse counts 190 dairycows with an amazing production of 35.8kg per day with 4.46%fat and 3.55% protein. This dairyfarmer shows a perfect combination of production, comformation and genomics. Lahousse test most of his animals on gTPI, gRZG and gNVI and produced positive results.... Read more


Kaylee v/h Zomerbloemhof

At Van het Zomerbloemhof, the Lahousse family in Belgium, the picture of Kaylee v/h Zomerbloemhof is added to her page. Kaylee is a VG-87 EDG Rubicon... Read more


Iwood V/H Zomerbloemhof classified VG-88

Atwood daughter Iwood V/H Zomerbloemhof is classified VG-88 at Van Het Zomerbloemhof. Iwood is the Reserve Champion of the Provincial show in Gistel (West-Flanders) and hails from a very deep cowfamily with a lot of longevity.... Read more

Anderstrup Shottle Heidi

Sammy-Jo V/H Zomerbloemhof

Have It All x VG-86 Humblenkind x VG-86 Sniper

Siemers Have It All with a nice TPI score

De-Su Shottle 7012

Spice Girl V/H Zomerbloemhof

Upswing x Heroic x Medley

Offspring of the famous De-Su 7012

Kamps-Hollow Durham Altitude

Jappelien V/h Zomerbloemhof RDC VG-86

VG-86 Aikman RDC x EX-90 Shottle x EX-96 Regiment

Very high RC Aikman granddaughter of KHW Regiment Apple-Red

Minou V/H Zomerbloemhof RDC VG-87

VG-87 Apprentice RDC x GP-84 Yoder x VG-85 Sympatico RF

Red Carrier Apprentice from the KHW Regiment Apple-Red family

Smartie v/h Zomerbloemhof

Camden RDC x Abundant P Rf x VG-87 Olympian RC

From the Future-Dream Super Aiko RDC family of the Kamps-Hollow Durham Altitude family

Speculoos V/h Zomerbloemhof

Endless RDC x VG-87 Olympian RC x VG-88 Superstition

S-S-I Bookem Modesto

Nicola-ET V/H Zomerbloemhof VG-85

VG-85 Big Bubba x VG-87 Bookem x VG-86 Shottle

Nietje-ET V/h Zomerbloemhof VG-86

VG-86 Big Bubba x VG-87 Bookem x VG-86 Shottle

Nemo-ET V/h Zomerbloemhof GP-84

GP-84 Big Bubba x VG-87 Bookem x VG-86 Shottle

Olijara-ET V/H Zomerbloemhof GP-83

GP-83 Frazzled x VG-87 Bookem x VG-86 Shottle

A direct daughter from S-S-I Bookem Modesto 7269 VG-87!

Ravenna-ET V/h Zomerbloemhof

Renegade x GP-83 Frazzled x VG-87 Bookem

Rokuko-ET V/h Zomerbloemhof

Renegade x GP-83 Frazzled x VG-87 Bookem

Sophia V/H Zomerbloemhof

ESCAPADE x VG-85 Big Bubba x VG-87 Bookem

From a VG-85 Bubba

Giessen Cinderella / C Glenridge Citation Roxy

Olymphia Van Het Zomerbloemhof VG-89

VG-89 Topnotch x VG-89 Legendary x VG-87 Rubicon

Odilly v.h. Zomerbloemhof VG-87

VG-87 Huey x VG-86 Legendary x EX-90 Rubicon

Pubba v/h Zomerbloemhof

Aristocrat x VG-87 Big Bubba x EX-90 Rubicon

Roxy V/h Zomerbloemhof

German Boy x VG-89 Topnotch x VG-89 Legendary

Rubba V/H Zomerbloemhof

Parfect x VG-87 Big Bubba x EX-90 Rubicon

Siemers Rengd Parfect tested in America and on NVI basis

Serieus V/H Zomerbloemhof Red

Freestyle-Red x Firebird x VG-88 Apoll P Red

R&W out of the Cinderella branch of Regancrest-PR Barbie

Koepon Regenia / Regan-Joy Durham Regenia

Liesbeth V/H Zomerbloemhof VG-87

VG-87 Silver x VG-87 Mack x VG-85 Epic

High Silver backed by the Mr Sam and Mr Samuelo family

Regancrest Juror Brina EX-92

Jade v/h Zomerbloemhof VG-89

VG-89 Bradnick x GP-83 Epic x EX-90 Atwood

Seagull-Bay Manat Mirage / CMV Melwood Mindy

Lola V/H Zomerbloemhof EX-91

EX-91 Reflector x GP-83 AltaJackman x VG-88 Shamrock

Senior Champion West-Flanders 2022 & Senior B&W Champion Agri-Flanders 2023

Speciale V/h Zomerbloemhof

Dolmen x Nippon P x VG-87 Surrender PP

Great-granddaughter from Senior B&W champion Agri-Flanders 2023

MD-Delight Durham Atlee / MS Kingstead Chief Adeen

Skye v/h Zomerbloemhof

Taos x GP-84 Tropic x VG-85 Commander

Leaninghouse Taos-Et with test results in America and on NVI basis

Suma v/h Zomerbloemhof

Powerlift RF x GP-84 Tropic x VG-85 Commander

Granddaughter to Kiekie V/H Zomerbloemhof  VG-85

Sanderine V/H Zomerbloemhof

Plain-Knoll Rngade 10918-Et x AltaZarek x GP-81 Rubicon

Tamara 2

Raziah V/h Zomerbloemhof

Offspring-Et V/H Zomerbloemhof x Redrock x Legendary

100% V/h Zomerbloemhof cross with pretty results on TPI & NVI basis.

Rabur Outside Pandora

Marieclaire V/H Zomerbloemhof EX-90

EX-90 Kingboy x VG-88 Mogul x VG-87 Man-O-Man

Senior Res. Champion West-Flanders 2022

Parris v/h Zomerbloemhof GP-84

GP-84 Riveting x GP-84 Kennedy x VG-88 Kingboy

Sahreefa V/H Zomerbloemhof

Parsly x Tirsvad Natan x GP-83 Magictouch

Great-granddaughter of Marieclaire V/H Zomerbloemhof

Panzul v/h Zomerbloemhof

Riveting x Magictouch x EX-90 Kingboy

Whitthier-Farms Lead Mae

Nuance V/H Zomerbloemhof GP-83

GP-83 Esperanto x GP-82 Kingboy x VG-85 Snowman

Paashaas v/h Zomerbloemhof

Big Dollars x GP-82 Flagship x GP-82 Kingboy

Same family as sires Velthuis-SG Snow Evening, Stantons McCutchen Agree, Stantons Alligator & Silverridge V Eric!

Robe V/h Zomerbloemhof

Charl x VG-88 Rubicon x GP-84 Flagship

Holbra Petra / Golden-Oaks Mark Prudence

Odelien V/H Zomerbloemhof VG-85

VG-85 Reloader x GP-83 Afterburner x VG-87 Kingboy

Roselien V/h Zomerbloemhof

Renegade x VG-85 Reloader x GP-83 Afterburner

Markwell Durham Daisy

Rebel V/h Zomerbloemhof

Endless RDC x GP-84 Fabulous x GP-82 Gage

Delta Endless from the marking Markwell Durham Daisy/Markwell Bstar E Raven family

Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy

Safari v/h Zomerbloemhof

Fugleman x GP-82 Solution x VG-85 Achiever

Peak Fugleman with nice TPI score, backed by Peak Fugleman

Ever-Green-View Elsie EX

Oderieke v/h Zomerbloemhof VG-87

VG-87 Sound System x VG-86 Franchise x GP-84 McCutchen

Roderieke V/h Zomerbloemhof

Renegade x VG-87 Sound System x VG-86 Franchise

Windy-Knoll-View Promis

Sokkie V/h Zomerbloemhof

Woody x GP-83 Noble x Charismatic

Nice NVI score. Sokkie traces back to Windy-Knoll-View Promis

Proud to have bred

Vitesse V/H Zomerbloemhof VG-87

Celsius x OutsideCelsius x Outside

Lifetimeproduction: 181.992 kg milk & 12.591 kg fat and protein (STILL ALIVE!)

Nirvana VG-86

Sunny Boy x Eldon

Lifetimeproduction: 100.167 kg milk

Sonja VG-86

Storm x Royal

Lifetimeproduction: 116.279 kg milk

Roosje VG-87

Rudolph x Nele V/H Zomerbloemhof (v. Astre) Lifetime production: 100.434 kg milk

Nele V/H Zomerbloemhof VG-86

Astre x Camillo

Lifetime production: 157.117 kg milk

Rolien VG-85

Novalis x Jabot

Life time production: 108.051 kg milk

Loly VG-86

Horton x Linde Alfred

Lifetimeproduction: 100.359 kg milk

Liesbeth GP-84

F16 x Questor

Life time production: 112.926 kg milk


Astre x Spencer

Life time production: 126.269 kg milk

Tamara 2 VG-85

Webster x Novalis

Life time production: 100.320 kg milk


Mountain x Excel

Life time production: 108.872 kg milk


The Lahousse family with Loly (Horton), Lena (Cubby) and Liesbeth (F16)

Britt V/H Zomerbloemhof GP-84

Myron x Mateo

Life time production: 144.706 kg milk

Zoe V/H Zomerbloemhof GP-81

Titan x Vitesse V/H Zomerbloemhof (s. Celsius)

Life time production: 131.286 kg milk & 10.943 kg fat and protein

Arminda V/H Zomerbloemhof GP-83

Talent x BondTalent x Bond

Life time production: 100.198 kg milk

Ioli V/h Zomerbloemhof GP-83

Goli x Jango

Life time prodution: 107,744 kg melk

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