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Pieter Schuit & Schuit K&L RM Maggy P Red

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Polled & Red on the Highlight Sale

Hin K&L Marnie P Red is with 155 gRZG the highest KNS Abi PP Red (Apoll P Red x Balisto) daughter in the German system, due to extreme high production potential and favorable scores for... Read more

Apina Massia

Schuit K&L RM Missy P RDC

Salvatore RC x VG-86 Capple P x VG-86 Fanatic

Missy P RDC: polled & redcarrier!

Schuit K&L Masy

Gywer RDC x Salvatore RC x VG-86 Capple P

Gywer RDC with a promising genomics profile & A2A2!

Wilder Kanu 111 RDC

Wilder K 2002 RDC GP-82

GP-82 Battlecry x VG-86 Brekem RDC x VG-88 Snowman

Has 2 sons in AI!

Wilder K 1004 RDC VG-86

VG-86 Battlecry x EX-90 Brekem RDC x VG-88 Snowman

Dam of Schuit K&L Embrace Red @ RUW

Schuit Geraldine Red

Anreli-Red x GP-82 Battlecry x VG-86 Brekem RDC

High GRZG Anreli-Red from the Wilder Kanu family

Schuit Kania Red

Manana Red x GP-82 Battlecry x VG-86 Brekem RDC

Schuit Wilder K1 RDC

Cameron x GP-82 Battlecry x VG-86 Brekem RDC

Wilder Kanu 111 RDC is the dam to Wilder Kanu P Red

Schuit Kira Red

Santorius RDC x GP-82 Battlecry x VG-86 Brekem RDC

Schuit Gerda 1 Red

AltaC-Red x Anreli-Red x GP-82 Battlecry

AltaC-Red daughter with amazing genomics based on RZG

FG Feline / Windy-Knoll-View Promis

Schuit Felien VG-85

VG-85 Supershot x VG-86 Snowman x VG-88 Planet

Supershot from the Windy-Knoll-View Promis family

Schuit Fenna VG-86

VG-86 Bandares x VG-85 Supershot x VG-86 Snowman

Fancy Bandares of Schuit Felien


Schuit Solana P Red

Solitair P Red x Styx Red x GP-84 Silver

Polled Solitair P daughter with very high RZG

Riethil White Rain / Snow-N Denises Dellia

Schuit K&L Fanny VG-87

VG-87 AltaSpring x GP-81 Fanatic x VG-86 Snowman

High GRZG AltaSpring from the Dellia family

Regancrest Durham Barbie

K&L Schuit Anna

King Doc x Archrival x EX-91 Doorman

► Fancy King Doc from the family of Butz-Butler Gold Barbara EX-95 (EX-96 MS), the Grand & Senior Champion WDE 2019, Intermediate Champion World Dairy Expo 2013, Senior & Grand Champion New York Spring Show 2017 and honoured as All-American 3 consecutive years!

Willem's Hoeve Marcia / Apina Massia 20

Schuit RM K&L Marcy PP Red VG-86

VG-86 Capple P x VG-86 Fanatic x VG-85 Kylian

Homozygous Polled, Massia family

Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy

Col Gen Isa

Cameron x Profit x VG-85 Balisto

Isa her dam is a sister to Sandy-Valley Braveness @RUW, Top 5 RZG bull

Willem's Hoeve Rita

Schuit Rita Red

Starello RDC x Mission P RDC x GP-83 Debutant

Gen-I-Beq Goldwyn Secret RC


AltaDateline x Rubi-Asp RC x Supershot

Extremely high RZG and GTPI heifer!

Wilder Maja

Wilder Movie

Kerrigan x VG-87 Supershot x VG-86 Picanto

High GRZG / GTPI Kerrigan of Wilder Mond

Schuit K&L Maddy RDC

My Dream P RDC x Kerrigan x VG-87 Supershot

Proud to have bred

Schuit K&L Embrace RDC

Emperor RDC x Wilder Kanu family

Schuit Relax Red

Rusty-Red x WIlder Kanu familie

Schuit Canon RDC

Cameron x Wilder Kanu familie

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