Lakeside Ups Rolce-Royce P Red fresh with her 2nd calf

Ems PP Red daughter Lakeside Ups Rolce-Royce P Red was just 1.5 weeks fresh in her second lactation when she was re-classified with an amazing score of VG-89 and VG-89 MS as a 3.04-yr-old!

Lakeside Ups Rolce-Royce P Red is a granddaughter of the famous Dutch Zeedieker Roseanna Red EX-93, which traces back to the globally known D-R-A August EX-96. Rolce-Royce P Red is fresh in her 2nd lactation and delivered a heifer calf sired by Andy-Red. With this amazing classification result of VG-89 she sure has a lot of potential to be the 9th generation of excellent in a row!

Lakeside Ups Rolce-Royce P Red  VG-89 (s. Ems PP Red)   Picture: Sjoerd van Vliet

Lakeside Ups Rolce-Royce P Red VG-89 (s. Ems PP Red) fresh     Picture: Sjoerd van Vliet

Zeedieker Roseanne Red EX-93 (s Advent-Red) granddam of Rolce-Royce P Red VG-89

The average score of the 2-yr-olds was 84.1 points, check the highest classification scores at Lakeside & Ups Holsteins below.

Name Sire Dam Col Lac FR DS MS FL TOT
Ups Rolce-Royce P Red Ems PP Red Rosalie Red n.c. R 2 89 89 89 88 89
Santamedus Akiro Red Sansibar R 1 84 86 87 85 86
Mara Milton Marina B 1 82 85 86 86 85
Lale Atwood London B 1 83 87 89 80 85
Ida RF Styx-Red Irma B 1 84 86 84 82 84


Lale VG-85/89 UI by Atwood     Picture: Van Vliet

Mara VG-85 by Milton     Picture: Van Vliet

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