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GTPI females (02-2017)

The GTPI results from February females are online at the GENOMICS page. The two highest heifers are owned by Heidenskipster Holsteins and have a GTPI over +2800. These two are Modesty daughters of Heidenskipster Supersire Silvy, a Supersire granddaughter of Heidenksipster Shottle Silver VG-87.

Name Pedigree GTPI Owner
HEIDENSKIPSTER MDSTY SOPHIA-E Modesty x Supersire 2846 Heidenskipster Holsteins
HEIDENSKIPSTER MDSTY SIGMA-ET Modesty x Supersire 2819 Heidenskipster Holsteins
A-L-H TWILIGHT-ET Modesty x Tango 2783 A-L-H Genetics
VAARSKALF 0102-ET Jedi x Kingboy 2783 De Crob E.T.
VEKIS SUPERHERO-ET AltaSuperstar x Montross 2775 Vekis Genetics
HEIDENSKIPSTER CHARLEY META Charley x Montross 2768 Heidenskipster Holsteins
PEAK CLOVE MNTNA 9299-ET IHG Montana x Tango 2761 Peak-Alta
PEAK CLOVE MNTNA 9295-ET IHG Montana x Tango 2759 Peak-Alta
A-L-H TWISTER-ET Modesty x Tango 2759 A-L-H Genetics
DE CROB MENTA 7708 Jedi x Kingboy 2754 De Crob E.T.
ALL.NURE MOD-PARIS 9224 Modesty x Supershot 2743 All.Nure Holsteins
KOEPON ANSW CLASSY 340 Anwer P x Pulsar 2742 Koepon Genetics
ALL.NURE MOD-PARIS 9236 Modesty x Supershot 2731 All.Nure Holsteins
HULSTEIN MARY 1-ET Modesty x Commander 2729 Hul-Stein
EBA MELIZA Jedi x Halogen 2726 Eba Holsteins
KOEPON JEDI GENUA 22 Jedi x Alta1stClass 2716 Koepon Genetics
Riethil Summer Breesh Charley x Balisto 2715 Riethil Holsteins
K&L OH JD Havoc Jedi x Balisto 2710 Melkveebedrijf De Oosterhof, K&L
GO-FARM TIFFANY ET Jedi x Mogul 2708 Go-Farm Holsteins
DG JK SILLY 8-ET Modesty x Sundance 2707 JK Eder
COL DARCY Modesty x Silver 2706 Colonia Cows
K&L OH JD Halo Jedi x Balisto 2706 Melkveebedrijf De Oosterhof, K&L
EBA MILADY Jedi x Halogen 2697 Eba Holsteins
PRIMEVAL 6 Charley x Kingboy 2695 Primeval Holsteins
KOEPON JEDI GENUA 23 Jedi x Alta1stClass 2693 Koepon Genetics
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