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Praised member of the Sudena Holsteins herd: Rose RDC VG-89!

De Oosterhof Dg Rose RDC VG-89, 8.5-yrs-old, has become a prominent name in the pedigrees of many highly ranked cows and bulls in Europe. She was bought by Sudena Holsteins as a lactating 2-yr-old and is now in her fifth lactation, still serving as an influential brood cow for the Mensink family.... Read more


Great embryo donor Waldclass 3STAR HS Chanel 3 PP classifies VG-87!

She was just 5 months old when the then 150 gRZG scoring Waldclass 3STAR HS Chanel 3 PP (Simon P x Hotspot P) was sold to Diepenhoek Holsteins. There she was successfully flushed in order for the 3STAR Embryo Program. This resulted in the birth of several polled offspring for the Adriaans family and GenHotel. After being in first lactation for some time now, she was recently classified with a fantastic VG-score!... Read more


Outstanding 3STAR result with 2951 gTPI sells at the VOST Select Sale 10!

The desire of the Van Beek family (Southland Holsteins) to reach the top gTPI was that large that in 2020 they became co-owners of 3STAR OH Martini, a beautiful Silverridge V Einstein out of multiple bull dam K&L OH Mabel. Martini, scoring 2889 gTPI at that time, is Mabel's highest Einstein daughter and still at a current gTPI of 2867. And she is the actual number 1 gTPI milking Einstein in Europe!... Read more


The Diepenhoek Rozelle family outshines again!

During the classification day at the dairy farm of the Adriaans family (Diepenhoek Holsteins) the Diepenhoek Rozelle family again stood out. From the twelve animals scored by the herdbook classifier, there were no less than eight Rozelle relatives!... Read more


Amazing classification scores for Hurkmans

For two milking heifers from Hurkmans ET, the moment of classification arrived. Both Hurkmans heifers come from cow families that have already attracted a lot of attention within the Holstein breeding. They are a Sound System daughter, anmed HET Sound Chenile and HET Agro Rozelle sired by Rubi-Agronaut.... Read more


Diepenhoek Rozelle delivers again!

Diepenhoek Holsteins had a visit of the classifier. He has classified eleven milking cows and eight of them are offspring of one and the same family! Those eight are not only related, but also had a great score average of 84.9 with VG-85.5 MS. The Adriaans family (Diepenhoek Holsteins) can speak of a very high-impact cow family which they own, namely the Diepenhoek Rozelle family. This family keeps delivering!... Read more


Diepenhoek Rozelle family strikes again

With Diepenhoek Rozelle 188 shows Diepenhoek Holsteins the power and impact of this wonderful and well-known cowfamily. Rozelle 188 is a great example of what this family is capable of. The Diepenhoek Rozelle family delivers time and time again offspring with great genomics in many systems. This is one of the reasons why multiple females are used for breedingprogramms, like Diepenhoek Rozelle 65 VG-87, sired by Mogul which is dam to Diepenhoek Lockstar and Go-Farm Renoir.... Read more


Proofs The Netherlands (B&W)

By far the highest genomic bull in the Netherlands is Bouw Finder bred by Bouw Holsteins. This Balisto son from an Epic daughter of Bouw Goldwyn Femmy scores +376 GNVI.... Read more


GTPI results 08-2015 (females)

The 08-2015 GTPI results for females are available. On the individual cowpages you can now find their new actual GTPI. On the “GENOMICS” page you can find the top 100.... Read more


GTPI results March 2015

The #1 GTPI from March is NH Co Queenhit (+2589 GTPI) owned by Nosbisch Holsteins. She is followed by Koepon Comm Classy 212 (+2573 GTPI) from Koepon Genetics... Read more

Diepenhoek Rozelle

Diepenhoek Rozelle 250

Shakespeare x GP-82 Entity x VG-87 Pulsar

Highest gNVI Vdr Shakespeare daughter (2-2023)

Golden-Oaks Mark Prudence

Koepon Skyliner Range 239 Red

Skyliner-Red x Sputnik RDC x VG-85 Swingman Red

Early Skyliner-Red with a huge amount of milk >2000M and a total index of >165 gRZG!

Larcrest Outside Champagne

Diepenhoek 3STAR Cosmo PP

Caden P x VG-87 Simon P x GP-83 Hotspot P

Homozygous polled sired by RBB Caden P!

Diepenhoek Chanel 10

Shakespeare x GP-84 Success x VG-87 Balisto

Nice NVI-score

Maybelline Tual

Diepenhoek 3STAR Mabel

AltaWheelhouse x VG-86 Einstein x Granite

AltaWheelhouse from the outstanding Mabel family


3STAR SIE Sharon Red

Cartoon P Red x VG-86 Solitair P Red x Styx Red

Tests very good in the NVI and RZG system. The highest testing daughter of the outstanding and feminin Solana P Red!

Willem's Hoeve Rita

Sanderij Rita's Romy P RDC

Star P RDC x GP-83 Gywer RDC x F-74 Mission P RDC

Proud to have bred

Diepenhoek Rozello

Sunrise x Diepenhoek Rozelle 25

Diepenhoek Combat

Calvin x Balisto x Beacon

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