Twice VG-88 at Zwanebloem Holsteins

A huge number of 59 females were very successfully classified at Zwanebloem Holsteins. The average score went up to a stunning 83.8 points. Even two 2-yr-olds were classified with a top score of VG-88!

One of the VG-88 classified milking heifers is Zwanebloem Bandares Razorl, a Bandares x VG-86 Kingboy with Freddie Rae P RDC VG-88 as her granddam, descendants of the legendary brood cow Hanoverhill Tony Rae EX-96. Razorl was good for a total score of VG-88 and her feed and legs were classified with a maximum score of VG-89. Another 2-yr-old named Zwanebloem 1633 manages to produce 41.0 kgs M a day headed with a classification score of VG-88/ MAX VG-89 DS. 

Freddie Rae P RDC VG-88 (s. Freddie) granddam of Zwanebloem Bandares Razorl VG-88

Masscheleyn milks a Big Bubba great-granddaughter of Anderstrup Snow Heidi VG-86 - Zwanebloem Bubba Helena 1609. With a projected 305-days production of 14.693kg milk, this first calver produces 27% over the Zwanebloem herd average and above all she scored an amazing VG-87/VG-88 FR! This deep cow family also includes Anderstrup Shottle Heidi VG-89 and Darlawn Mtoto Honibea VG-85. Herd mate Zwanebloem 1936, by Mirabel Sound System, also scored VG-87. 

Anderstrup Snow Heidi VG-86, 4th dam Helena 1609 VG-87

Darlawn Mtoto Honibea VG-85, 7th dam Helena 1609 VG-87

One of the most promissing brood cows at Zwanebloem Holsteins at the moment is Zwanebloem Skywalker Cinde, a Bomaz Skywalker from the Cinderella family. She is GP-84/VG-87 MS classified after calving at the age of 1.10 yr. Her only daughter, which is sired by S-S-I Pr Renegade, Zwanebloem Renegade Cinder, scores 2841 gTPI and 356 gNVI! This makes her the highest Renegade based on NVI and she also belongs to the highest gTPI scoring Renegade daughters! 

Zwanebloem Bandares Cinderella dam of the GP-84 Skywalker was ready to be classified for the second time and upgraded her score to VG-87/VG-88 DS in 2nd lactation. 

Zwanebloem Skywalker Cinde (s. Skywalker) classified with GP-84/VG-87 UI     Photo: Masscheleyn

Giessen Cinderella 57 VG-87 (s. Snowman) 3rd dam of Skywalker Cinde GP-84

Below you will find the highligts:

Name Sire Dam Col Lact FR DS MS FL TOT
9073 Launch 4144 VG-88 B 3 88 87 88 89 89
Razorl Bandares Roxette  VG-86 B 1 87 88 87 89 88
1633 Jedi Evita 1 VG-85 B 1 88 89 88 87 88
Cinderella Bandares Cinderella VG-86 B 2 87 88 85 87 87
Helena 1609 Bubba Door To Heaven VG-85 B 1 88 87 87 87 87
1636 Sound System 1214 GP-83 B 1 87 88 87 87 87
1615 Sound System 1224 GP-83 B 1 86 87 87 84 86
1625 King Royal 1248 GP-84 B 1 83 88 87 87 86
1634 Jetset 1231 GP-83 B 1 83 84 87 87 86
1644 Gymnast 1227 GP-84 B 1 86 86 86 87 86
1658 Gymnast P 0991 VG-85 B 1 86 87 87 86 86
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