'Excellent' day at Drouner Holsteins!

Three of Drouner Holsteins' dairy cows met the classifier recently! With success, because these three homebred cows from different cow families were all three classified with an excellent score!

Drouner AJDH Aiko 1288 Red92FR  91DS  91MS  89FL  EX-91
(Olympian RDC x VG-87 Freddie x EX-91 Goldwyn)
Kamps-Hollow Durham Altitude RDC EX-95 family

Production: 5.04 305d 12.618 kgM 4.3%F 3.4%P

Drouner Asmara 1443: 90FR 90DS 90MS 91FL EX-90
(Doorman x VG-89 Mogul x VG-85 Niagra)  
Canyon-Breeze Em Ashley EX-94 family

3rd lactation 305 days: 9.617 kgs M 5.44%F 3.61%P

Drouner Cosco 139988FR 89DS 92MS 90FL EX-90
(Defender x VG-89 Gold Chip x VG-86 Alexander)
Larcrest Juror Chanel EX-93 family

3rd lactation 305days: 13.837kgM 4.35%F 2.92%P 

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