From the 4th till the 7th of July, the Koepon Summer Sale 2022 will take place online, via!

During this auction 45 heifer calves and maiden heifers from Koepon's best cow families will be offered, such as Holstein and Red Holstein offspring from top families including Koepon Classy, Des-Y-Gen Planet Silk, Golden-Oaks Mark Prudence and Glenridge Citation roxy. An unique opportunity to get your hands on granddaughters from the 'Global Red Impact Cow of the Year': Lakeside Ups Red Range VG-86! 

The offer includes: The 2913 gTPI scoring Koepon Gameday Range 145 RDC, a Rmd-Dotterer Ssi Gameday.-granddaughter of Red Range VG-86. Koepon Ranger Sanne 39 Red (Ranger-Red x Mark RDC x Sanne 8 Red VG-88) with 149 gRZG, 2668 gTPI and 262 gNVI. Koepon Ranger Classy 493 Red (153 gRZG / 2726 gTPI / 248 gNVI); a red Classy offspring by Ranger-Red. Koepon also sells a descendant of Citation Roxy Koepon. A polled Star P RDC daughter Koepon Star P Doma 40 P with 152 gRZG / 2741 gTPI / 292 gNVI!

In the coming weeks you'll find more information about the Koepon Summer Sale 2022 
on our website, social media and on

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[LOT 4] Tremendous 2913 gTPI and 869 NM$! The absolute star of this Koepon Summer Sale!


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