Zuchtbetrieb Siepermann - Stefan Siepermann


Genomic index DEU: +162 GRZG (2022-12)

Production 1363 M 0.16%F 0.09%P 73 F 57 P 145 RZM
Health 130 RZN 123 RZS 108 RZR 128 RZGes 2679 RZ€
Type 100 KÖR 106 MTY 111 EUT 119 FUN 119 RZE

Genomic index NLD: +357 GNVI (2022-12; R&W)

Production 2121 M -0.08%F -0.02%P 87 F 74 P 514 INET
Health 684 LVD 104 UGH 112 CGT 106 VRU
Type 97 FR 101 RB 109 UI 104 BE 106 TOT


3STAR SIE Sharon Red

Cartoon P Red

Schuit Solana P Red

2.07 305d 9.493kgM 4.12%F 391kgF 3.53%P 335kgP

Polled Solitair P daughter with very high RZG, from the Radieuse EX-91 family Will get classified in April

Solitair P Red

Royal Flash RDC

2.10 305d 9.028kgM 3.87%F 350kgF 3.28%P 296kgP
4.00 305d 9.339kgM 4.16%F 388kgF 3.39%P 317kgP
5.00 305d 10.984kgM 4.00%F 439kgF 3.19%P 350kgP

Red carrier Styx from the KNS Boss family

Styx Red

KNS Royal Silver GP-84

LA1 183d 8.117kgM 3.31%F 269kgF 3.17%P 257kgP

Dam of BG Radames RDC, very high type bull @OHG (highest Red carrier bull on RZE)

Next generations

  • KNS Royalty GP-84 (s. Chevrolet)
  • KNS Rendezvous VG-85 (s. Man-O-Man)
    Dam to KNS Boss & Granddam to KNS Comedy @ Intermizoo
  • KNS Riviera VG-86 (s. Goldwyn)
  • Radieuse EX-91 (s. Jocko)
  • Maryna VG-86 (s. Labelle)
  • Jessica VG-85 (s. Oscar)