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3STAR SIE Sharon Red assures a bright future!

A true beauty and a real eye-catcher! In addition to 3STAR SIE Sharon Red's stunning conformation, her high indexes also makes her a brilliant catch. This allround red and white heifer from the Radieuse EX-91 family may soon be yours!... Read more


A lot of interest for GenHotel Selection Sale heifers!

On Thursday May 5th, the GenHotel Selection Sale started at 9.00 am. This online top heifers auction brought together 20 lot numbers, offered by GenHotel members, and made it to an exclusive offer. It was already at the start of the auction that lot 7 was sold for the starting price.... Read more


Red & polled from the Dutch Mars Froukje 277 VG-89 family

The Mars Froukje family has supplied many top ranking bulls such as Defago Red @RSH, Giabo @RUW, Prehen Omen in the UK and the former number 1 gPFT in Italy - Mars Chapeau. The Froukjes are still popular with sire analysts because of all the amazing results! All the more reason to add this amazing SIE 3STAR Frouke P Red to your herd!... Read more


The Lavish EX-95 legacy continues!

Ravenswell Lydia EX-92 (s. Astro Jet) is an important and influential brood cow. You may already know some of her offspring, but such a tremendous type cow like the Irish Galwaybay Dundee Lavish EX-95 you don't see very often!... Read more


GenHotel members sell at Masterrind Exclusive

During the Masterrind Exclusive Sale, GenHotel members will be offering some very interesting animals. This auction of elite calves from the best cow families is this year an online auction and will take place next Wednesday 4 November at 7pm... Read more

Gen-I-Beq Goldwyn Secret

SIE RZH Aztec Rose

Aztec x Rubi-Asp RC x Supershot

Nice Peak Aztec-Et daughter with a flaweless genomics profile on German bases.

SIE RZH Dawson Rasta

Dawson x Rubi-Asp RC x Supershot

Dawson daughter of a sublieme cow family, family of the super sire Mr Salvatore RC

Mars Froukje

Oelhorst Froukje 835 P Red VG-85

VG-85 Solitair P Red x VG-85 Wisent RF x VG-89 Fun P


Schuit Solana P Red

Solitair P Red x Styx Red x GP-84 Silver

Polled Solitair P daughter with very high RZG, from the Radieuse EX-91 family Will get classified in April

3STAR SIE Sharon Red

Cartoon P Red x Solitair P Red x Styx Red

Tests very good in the NVI and RZG system. The highest testing daughter of the outstanding and feminin Solana P Red!

Sully Shottle May

Sie RUW Misty

AltaHothand x Guarantee x GP-84 Duke

Peak AltaHothand-ET with high RZG

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