Holbra Atwood Patwona passes the 100,000 kgs mark

Holbra Patwona VG-86 has managed to exceed the 100,000 kgs of milk mark in 8 lactations! The 6th generation from Golden-Oaks Mark Prudence EX-95 was bred by Holbra Holsteins and proved the strength of this prominent cow family at the age of 11 years old....

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Drouner AJDH Cosmo

Lot 569: Caden P x Waldclass 3STAR HS Chanel 3 PP

The Larcrest Juror Chanel EX-93 family is one of the world's leading cow families for show & index! With this combination Waldclass 3STAR HS Chanel 3 PP opens the door to the polled index breeding.

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