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No. 1 RZG female Sdg Gs Gotti bred by CEH Holsteins

Through the RUW breeding program, Best Benz daughter CEH RUW Henna was born at CEH Holsteins, with which the Cookiecutter MOM Halo VG-88 cow family was introduced to the Eberhardt family. Now, four generations later, this embryo purchase spawns the no. 1 Gotti daughter CEH 59286 in Germany!... Read more


August 2022 bull proofs Germany

This morning we were able to welcome the new German breeding values of August 2022. At both the top of the daughter proven and the young genomics bulls, debutants provide a change of guard.... Read more


Highest gRZG bull ever bred by CEH Holsteins!

When the genomics results of the newly tested bulls arrived at the RUW in Germany last week, they had to tinker twice with their eyes. Never before has an animal in Germany tested as high as this red-and-white K&L Sputnik RDC son of GenHotel member CEH Holsteins!... Read more


Meet CEH Holsteins

Although CEH Holsteins is no stranger in the world of Holstein breeding, you will find this breeder new on the GenHotel members page!... Read more

Cookiecutter MOM Halo


Benz x VG-87 Battlecry x EX-92 Montross

CEH Copyright Henna VG-86

VG-86 Copyright x Benz x VG-87 Battlecry

CEH Halloumi

Migel x VG-86 Copyright x Benz

CEH 59286

Gotti x Migel x VG-86 Copyright

Richmond-FD Barbie


AltaHothand x Imax x Afterburner

Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy

CEH Melody EX-91

EX-91 Gymnast x EX-91 Silver x VG-87 Balisto

Pursuit son CEH Music is at Cogent!


Dawson x EX-91 Gymnast x EX-91 Silver

WEH Jessica

VOG Jayne Red

Rammstein Red x Ginger x VG-88 Spark Red

High RZG and NVI!

Proud to have bred

CEH Mandoline VG-86

De-Su 11236 Balisto x CEH Melinda 346 VG-88

CEH Missy VG-85

Pine-Tree-I Pursuit x CEH Melody VG-86

CEH Music

Pine-Tree-I Pursuit x CEH Melody VG-86 @Cogent

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