Big Holsteins - Fam. Knoef

Fam. Knoef & Big Boukje 192 EX-90 (>200.000 KgM)

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Unique: 25 time 100.000 kgM!

At Big Holsteins from family Knoef Big Anna Jacoba 119 VG-88 has produced over 100.000 kgM! She is the 75th cow in the herd of Family Knoef who did that! Already 25 of them has produced over 10.000 kg fat and protein as well!... Read more


Proofs The Netherlands (B&W)

By far the highest genomic bull in the Netherlands is Bouw Finder bred by Bouw Holsteins. This Balisto son from an Epic daughter of Bouw Goldwyn Femmy scores +376 GNVI.... Read more


Classification Big Holstiens

An average score of 84.9 points over 18 classified 2-yr olds. That was the result of herd classification at Big Holsteins. Their herd average is now 85.5 points.... Read more

Big Super Star

Big Super Star 69 EX-90

EX-90 Tequila x VG-88 Lightning RDC x EX-90 Lucky Leo

Dam of Big Festino (s. Talentino) @ KI Kampen, the Netherlands

Big Super Star 137 GP-83

GP-83 Snowfever x VG-86 Fidelity x VG-87 Orcival

High production index

Big Super Star 146 EX-91

EX-91 Malki x VG-88 Fidelity x VG-85 O Man

First Big Malki daughter scored Excellent!

Big Anna Jacoba

Big Anna Jacoba 115 EX-90

EX-90 Jorryn x VG-88 Abrian x VG-88 F16

"Dutch Cow of the Year 2018"

Big Anna Jacoba 119 VG-88

VG-88 Big Winner x VG-88 Abrian x VG-88 F16

Half sister to Big Anna Jacoba 115

Big Anna Jacoba 126 VG-88

VG-88 Shogun x EX-90 Jorryn x VG-88 Abrian

Shogun dauhter of Big Anna Jacoba 115

Big Boukje

Big Boukje 192 EX-90

EX-90 Cash x Labelle

Classified VG-89 @ 17 years of age!

Big Boukje 239 RDC EX-90

EX-90 Stadel x VG-85 Russel x VG-85 Sunny Boy

She is the 25th cow with a lifetime production over 10.000 kg fat and protein at Knoef!

Big Boukje 305 Red EX-90

EX-90 Andy RF x EX-90 Stadel x VG-85 Russel

Reserve Junior 2-yr Old HHH-Show 2014

Big Boukje 343 Red EX-91

EX-91 Mason RF x VG-85 Kylian x Lord Lily

Broeks MBM Elsa / Ever-Green-View Elsa

Big Elsie 7 VG-89

VG-89 Brawler x VG-86 Gibor x VG-86 O Man

Brawler daughter from the Broeks MBM Elsa family

Proud to have bred

Big Boukje 192 EX-90

Cash x Big Boukje 184 VG-89

Lifetime: 208.163kgM 4.64%F 3.86%P 9.667kgF 8.038kgP

Big Holsteins:

1 cow over 200.000 kg of milk
75 cows over 100.000 kg of milk
25 cows over 10.000 kg fat & protein

Big Winner

Win 395 x Big Super Star 25

Big Spell

Bertil x Big Wietske 83

Big Malki

Maik x Big Anna Jacoba 115

Big Sentaro

Shogun x Big Anna Jacoba 115

Big Position

Twist x Big Anna Jacoba 115

Big Winnetoe

Windbrook x Big Anna Jacoba 115

Big Keizer

Big Spell x Big Anna Jacoba 126

Big Embrace

Fiction x Big Super Star 30 (picture)

Big Festino

Talentino x Big Super Star 69

Big Anna Jacoba 119 VG-88

Big WInner x Big Anna Jacoba 106
the 75th cow over 100.000 kgM, and the Sire is also bred by Knoef!

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