Huge influence GenHotel members at progeny groups NRM

During the progeny show at the NRM on Friday June 28th in The Netherlands 8 Holstein and 2 Red Holstein daughter groups will be shown. The influence of GenHotel members on this demonstration is considerably, since five of the in total ten groups are sired by a bull bred by GenHotel members and out of homebred families or families that are in the herd several generations. Additionally from one sire the dam is bred by a GenHotel member, out of a homebred cowfamily.

Red Holstein :
Delta Fun P Red (Aikman x Caudumer Lol 306 PP Red); dam bred by Caudumer Holsteins
Werler Jotani Red (Jotan x Werler Julia 383); bred by Werler Holsteins

Holstein :
Big Malki (Maik x Big Anna Jacoba 115); bred by Big Holsteins
Bouw Finder (Balisto x Bouw Epic Finola); bred by Bouw Holsteins
Bouw Rocky (Shamrock x Bouw Goli Flower); bred by Bouw Holsteins
Poppe Ferdi (Boss x Poppe Fienchen 804); bred by Poppe Holsteins

Breeders, congratulation with these great breeding results!

Delta Fun P Red (Aikman RDC x Magna P RDC), CRV

Werler Jotani Red (Jotan Red x Konvoy Red), KI Kampen

Big Malki (Maik x Jorryn), KI Samen

Bouw Finder (Balisto x Epic), CRV 

Poppe Ferdi (Boss x Danillo), KI Kampen

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