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High GRZG at the VOST Select Sale

Very interesting lots are available at the VOST Select Sale next Friday (November 25th). Earlier this week we already mentioned a few great heifers from some of the best cowfamilies of the breed (see: Great offer at VOST Select Sale) and now we give the highest GRZG heifers in the sale the attention they deserve.

Lot 3: RZH It’s Fine

Selling as lot 3 is RZH It’s Fine, a +158 GRZG Milford P daughter. It’s Fine (Balisto x Numero Uno x Planet x Shottle x O Man x Rudolph) has a lovely pedigree that goes back at none other than Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy EX-92. Her dam is Sandy-Valley Itspossible, a very high Balisto daughter of Sandy-Valley NU Precious VG-88.

Sandy-Valley NU Precious VG-88, grandam to lot 3 & lot 50

Lot 30: Veenhuizer K&L BD Nelize 7

Among the most interesting heifers selling at the VOST Select Sale is Veenhuizer K&L BD Nelize 7 scoring +160 GRZG. This Board daughter has a great profile with no holes and she hails out of the Tui Onyx Nick VG-86 family. Her dam is Veenhuizer K&L BL Nelize, a very high Balisto daughter out of a Man O Man x Mascol x RUW Neblina VG-87.

Veenhuizer K&L BL Nelize, her +160 GRZG Board sells

Lot 36: Wilder K2031 RDC

+159 GRZG, +305 GNVI, redcarrier and backed by the great family of Wilder Kanu 111 RDC VG-88, that is what Wilder K2031 RDC has to offer. The dam to this Battlecry daughter is Wilder Kita Red, a VG-85 Brekem daughter out of a VG-86 Larson of Kanu 111.

Wilder Kanu 111 RDC VG-88, great-granddam to Wilder K2031 RDC

Lot 37: Whiskey

Whiskey has, just as Wilder K2031 RDC, also high genomics on as well German as Dutch basis. The Burano daughter scores +160 GRZG and +320 GNVI. Her dam is a fresh Bube daughter of WEU Willow. The pedigree of this Shamrock daughter goes through daughters by Man O Man, Colby and Augustine back at Welcome Ramos Wilma VG-85, a full sister to Radon.

WEU Willow GP-83, her +160 GRZG / +320 GNVI Burano granddaughter sells

 Lot 50: PG No Risk / PG No Gamble

Lot 50 is a first choice out of two Dozer sister with both +160 GRZG. Their dam is Sandy-Valley No Problem, a Balisto daughter of Sandy-Valley NU Precious VG-88 and a full sister to the dam of lot 3: RZH It’s Fine. Off course these Dozer daughters are also backed by Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy EX-92.
Lot 15: PG Ekkel Pepita, a +155 GRZG / +2431 GTPI Cinema daughter hails from this family as well. Her dam is a Cashcoin daughter of Sandy-Valley Uno Paisley VG-86, a full sister to the granddaughter of lot 3 and lot 50.

Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy EX-92, broodcow behind lot 3, lot 15 & lot 50

Sales News