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VOST Select Sale 4

The preparations for the VOST Select Sale 4 are “in full swing”. The (online) catalogue is ready and you can take a look at the offer below. A total of 60 lots are selling with at least 12 at +155 GRZG or higher. 3 Lots have +160 GRZG and 8 are at +130 or higher for RZE.

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Great type & international cowfamilies

The VOST Select Sale 4 offers an great variety of lots including show heifers, genomic toppers and all backed by (inter)national well-known cowfamilies. A selection:

- Very fancy Disanto x EX-93 Igniter x Tarona EX-96
- +158 GRZG Milford & +155 GRZG Cinema from the Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy EX-92 family
- Polled & RED Citation P backed by Lavender Ruby Redrose EX-96
- +157 Board going back at Tradition Lolli EX-90
- Doorman granddaughter of Gloryland Lana Rae EX-94
- Lovely Polled Ocean from the awesome Meisterhofers Atwood Royal VG-89
- +153 GRZG & Polled Battlecry out of the RC-LC Goldwyn ATM EX-92 family
- +149 GRZG, RDC & Polled from the Judy's at Beeze Holsteins
- Ready for to show: RDC Sympatico kleindochter van Farmdale Canyon Dazzle RDC EX-94
- +159 & +156 GRZG & RDC Battlecry (great)granddaughters of Wilder Kanu 111 RDC VG-88
- +157 GRZG Araxis tracing back at Walkup-Bell Lou Etta
- +2571 GTPI Dozer of CNN Miss Amerika
- RDC Godewind x SD Miss Roseanne EX-91 from the Stookey Elm Park Blackrose EX-96 family
- Fresh Goldwyn 2-yr old x EX-90 Heidostar x EX-91 Bob
- Aftershock x EX-90 Damion x VG-88 Goldwyn x Valleyville Lheros Jenn EX-94
- +2718 GTPI Jedi x Wilder Hira; Batke Outside Kora EX-94 family
- +160 GRZG Board x Veenhuizer K&L BL Nelize (Balisto x Neblina family)
- RED Awesome Red and Atwood granddaughters of Decrausaz O’Kalibra RDC EX-97
- +153 GRZG Silver x VG-85 Shotglass x VG-88 Windbrook x KHE Illionois
- +2617 GTPI Jedi x Jetset x Bookem x Anderstrup MOM Carine VG-89
- Godewind x VG-86 Odyssey x VG-88 Atwood x Holbra Bolton Paulona; dam is Junior 2-Yr Old Champion at Excellent-show and placed 3rd in her class at the All-European Championship in Colmar 2016
- Fancy McCutchen x EX-90 Goldwyn x EX-93 Dundee x Penlow Outside Georgette EX-96
- Atwood from the Pinehurst Royal Rose family; 15 generations EXCELLENT
- Doorman x EX-91 Fortune x EX-95 Stormatic  x Tri-Day Ashlyn EX-96
- Homozygous Polled Apoll P from the same family as RH Maxima EX-94
- +155 GRZG Battlecry x OH White Model (Model x VG-86 Goldday)
- 1st choice Dozer (+160 GRZG) x Balisto x Sandy-Valley NU Precious VG-88
- Beemer great-granddaughter of MS Kingstead Chief Adeen EX-94

Sales News