Geestland Holsteins - Funck


Genomic index DEU: +149 GRZG (2023-08)

Production 588 M 0.35%F 0.06%P 59 F 27 P 127 RZM
Health 121 RZN 127 RZS 109 RZR 125 RZGes 1823 RZ€
Type 110 KÖR 112 MTY 129 EUT 114 FUN 134 RZE

Genomic index USA: +2650 GTPI (2023-08)

Production 396 M 0.13%F 0.04%P 51 F 24 P 629 NM
Health +5.0 PL 2.69 SCS -0.1 DPR
Type 2.18 UDC 1.31 F&L 1.79 PTAT


GlH Ryder Be Happy Red

Ryder Red

GlH Zukunft Red VG-86

LA1 305d 10.066kgM 4.20%F 423kgF 3.55%P 357kgP

Maternal sister of Aura Red VG-86!

Mark RDC

Schreur Vision Red VG-87

LA1 305d 10.182kgM 3.68%F 375kgF 3.36%P 342kgP
LA2 380d 15.106kgM 3.40%F 514kgF 3.43%P 518kgP

Awesome broodcow!

Styx Red

Schreur Sunny RDC


Next generations

  • MS Sunview Coin Sunglow RDC GP-83 (s. Cashcoin)
  • Dymentholm Sunview Sunday RDC VG-87 (s. Snowman)
    Dam of progeny proven Mr Sunview Coin Sunfish
  • Des-Y-Gen Planet Silk RDC EX-90 (s. Planet)
    Former no.1 gTPI red carrier globally Son Dymentholm S Sympatico was one of the highest gTPI & gLPI active bulls some time. Sold for $1.000.000 as an 2-yr-old together with offspring! 
  • Gen-I-Beq Bolton Silence RDC VG-85 (s. Bolton)
    Sons in AI,such as Des-Y-Gen Santos & Des-Y-Gen Solero
  • Gen-I-Beq Goldwyn Secret RC VG-87 (s. Goldwyn)
    Dam to Secure Red & Mr Savage
  • Gen-I-Beq Durham Sherry VG-87 (s. Durham)
    Granddam of the proven Red bull Schreur Laron P