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GlH Entitle Uta Red EX-90

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3STAR OH Somfy P Red, the highest polled Redford daughter!

The first offspring from the former number 1 red-and-white genomics bull GlH Redford are being born, and with that also the first gRZG results of these animals are coming in. An outstanding result was achieved with 3STAR OH Somfy P Red, a polled daughter of young sire Redford who has the highest RZG-index of any polled Redford daughter in Europe so far!... Read more


New daughter proven list leaders in Germany

The latest German April index run included a base adjustment, which resulted in a decrease of 5.0 for B&W RZG and 4.8 for R&W RZG. Despite this adjustment, the top sires of December 2023 maintained their indexes quite well. However, new bulls competed for the top spots in the Holstein and Red Holstein rankings. As a result, two new list leaders emerged among the progeny-proven bulls.... Read more


GenHotel's list with sire of sons is resfreshed!

After the April 2023 index run, GenHotel has updated the list with sire of sons. Some bulls have been replaced by a number of impressive debuting high genomic young sires. With this we start the spring of 2023 with a new top list and we intoduce some newly available bull sires to you.... Read more


Maternal sisters from Silk family pictured at Geestland!

Schreur Vision Red VG-87 (by Styx Red), purchased as an embryo, provided several offspring for Geestland Holsteins (the Funck family), including female offspring of sires of sons such as PrismaGen Gnabry RDC, Spark Red, Trent-Way-Js Ronald RC and Wilder Mark RDC. From the two last mentioned bulls, Funck currently owns two red 2-yr-olds, which are also both scored VG-86! Recently the moment came to capture these Des-Y-Gen Planet Silk RDC EX-90 offspring on camera.... Read more

Dixie-Lee Aspen

GlH 3STAR Ambrosia P Red

Mask Red x Freestyle-Red x VG-86 Solitair P Red

Mask Red daughter that is backed by Amber PP Red, dam to Member PP Red & Ranking P Red! Polled with high RZG, top conformation and super fitness features.

Glen Drummond Splendor

GlH Ronald Aura Red VG-86

VG-86 Ronald RC x VG-88 Styx Red x Rubicon

Son in AI!

GlH Little Star Red GP-84

GP-84 Ranger-Red x VG-86 Ronald RC x VG-88 Styx Red

One of the first milking Rangers from Germany. Full sister to former no. 1 sire Redford.

GlH OH Sunny Spring Red

Ranger-Red x VG-86 Ronald RC x VG-88 Styx Red

One of the highest daughters from GlH Ronald Aura Red

GlH Flight Roxette Red

Flight Red x VG-86 Ronald RC x VG-88 Styx Red

Extremely high scoring RZG with stunning total type score (RZE)!

GlH Danzig Red

Pike RC x Ranger-Red x VG-86 Ronald RC

One of the few Pike RC daughters in Europe! Tests 159 gRZG with impressive numbers for conformation.

GlH Detroit Red

Pike RC x Ranger-Red x VG-86 Ronald RC

Fabulous profile with huge numbers for RZG€ and RZG, straight from the Des-Y-Gen Planet Silk family!

GlH 3STAR Donella Red

Tricky Red x Ranger-Red x VG-86 Solitair P Red

High Tricky-Red, bred out of the full sister of the bulls 3STAR TV Ambo P Red & 3STAR Tirsvad Ranking P Red!

Golden-Oaks Mark Prudence

GlH Moonstar Red

Driver RDC x Freestyle-Red x VG-86 Rubels-Red

Red Driver RDC daughter with stunning RZG, A22 and flawless profile.

Gold-N-Oaks Morty Malibu


Boero RF x Ranger-Red x GP-84 Riveting

Early Go-Farm Boero RF from the famous bull dam family including Tirsvad K&L Riveting Magnolia, Pen-Col Superhero Mistral & Gold-N-Oaks S Marbella.

Rilara Mars Las Ravena

KNS GlH Delfin P Red

Member PP Red x Freestyle-Red x VG-85 Spark Red

159 gRZG Testing Polled Member PP Red! Flawless profile with A22 and super type!

Proud to have bred

GlH Redford

No.1 R&W genomics sire in Germany (12-2023)

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