Geestland Holsteins - Jan-Hendrik Funck & Henrik Staack


Genomic index DEU: +154 GRZG (2024-04)

Production 1000 M 0.37%F 0.09%P 79 F 44 P 140 RZM
Health 123 RZN 109 RZS 103 RZR 122 RZGes 2201 RZ€
Type 109 KÖR 109 MTY 114 EUT 120 FUN 126 RZE


KNS GlH Delfin P Red

Member PP Red

Pazifik P Red

Extremely high for RZG Polled From a B&W cow family that has big succeses! 2 maternal brothers in AI and 2 very high sons herself!


Pokémon P Red VG-85

LA1 305d 10.054kgM 3.83%F 385kgF 3.03%P 305kgP

Dam to Savage PP Red @Qnetics

Spark Red

Penelope GP-84

LA4/3 305d 10.809kgM 4.17%F 451kgF 3.43%P 371kgP
HL2 305d 11.490kgM 4.19%F 481kgF 3.44%P 395kgP
LA1 305d 9.971kgM 4.11%F 410kgF 3.43%P 342kgP

Next generations

  • HEH Pokje P VG-85 (s. Powerball-P)
  • HEH Jenny VG-85 (s. Boss )
  • WEH Epic Jen VG-86 (s. Epic)
    ► Dam of Heuer Balisto Jenson, former #1 PFT proven sire in Italy
  • WEH Bronco Janett VG-85 (s. Bronco)
  • WEH Janni VG-86 (s. Jefferson)
  • WEH Jessica VG-88 (s. Laudan)

Mission P RDC