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GlH Entitle Uta Red EX-90

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GenHotel's list with sire of sons is resfreshed!

After the April 2023 index run, GenHotel has updated the list with sire of sons. Some bulls have been replaced by a number of impressive debuting high genomic young sires. With this we start the spring of 2023 with a new top list and we intoduce some newly available bull sires to you.... Read more


Maternal sisters from Silk family pictured at Geestland!

Schreur Vision Red VG-87 (by Styx Red), purchased as an embryo, provided several offspring for Geestland Holsteins (the Funck family), including female offspring of sires of sons such as PrismaGen Gnabry RDC, Spark Red, Trent-Way-Js Ronald RC and Wilder Mark RDC. From the two last mentioned bulls, Funck currently owns two red 2-yr-olds, which are also both scored VG-86! Recently the moment came to capture these Des-Y-Gen Planet Silk RDC EX-90 offspring on camera.... Read more

Apina Massia

Sanderij La Massia Snowfall Red

Freestyle-Red x VG-86 Jacuzzi-Red x GP-83 Riverboy RF

Traces back to the Apina Massias

Buttwood Durham Perfume

Progenesis FS Athene Red

Freestyle-Red x GP-81 Mark RDC x VG-85 Fabulous

Nice score for gISET of > 1600!

Glen Drummond Splendor

Schreur Vision Red VG-87

VG-87 Styx Red x Rubicon x GP-83 Cashcoin

Awesome broodcow!

GlH Ronald Aura Red VG-86

VG-86 Ronald RC x VG-87 Styx Red x Rubicon

Son in AI!

GlH Zukunft Red VG-86

VG-86 Mark RDC x VG-87 Styx Red x Rubicon

Maternal sister of Aura Red VG-86!

GlH OH Sunny Spring Red

Ranger-Red x VG-86 Ronald RC x VG-87 Styx Red

One of the highest daughters from GlH Ronald Aura Red with a nice gISET of >1600 too!

GlH Flight Roxette Red

Flight Red x VG-86 Ronald RC x VG-87 Styx Red

Extremely high scoring RZG with stunning total type score (RZE)!

GlH Ryder Be Happy Red

Ryder Red x VG-86 Mark RDC x VG-87 Styx Red

Golden-Oaks Mark Prudence

Koepon Freestyle Moon Red

Freestyle-Red x VG-86 Rubels-Red x VG-86 Salvatore RDC

Transmits fat & protein combined with stunning type. A direct daughter from 3STAR OH Ranger Red's full sister! Via a.o. Rose RDC VG-89, Pam VG-87 and Hiawatha EX-9 she traces back to the legendary Prudence EX-95!

Kamps-Hollow Durham Altitude

GlH Colorado PP Red

Cartoon P Red x GP-84 Lucky PP-Red x VG-89 Brekan

Homozgyoot polled from the Drouner Aiko branch of the Kamps-Hollow Durham Altitude family!

Proud to have bred

GlH Redford

No. 3 R&W genomics sire in Germany (4-2023)

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