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Also in Top R&W NVI many females GenHotel members

Just like in the top B&W NVI, we also find in the top R&W list animals bred and owned by GenHotel members. In the top-100 NVI list, the Jacuzzi-Red daughters do well and fill a large part (59%) of the list. The number 1 is a Jacuzzi-Red x Baltikum with 376 NVI. Number 1, based on longevity, stands with 875 LVD Aalshorst 3STAR Konzert 1.... Read more


Successful GenHotel Selection Sale!

This edition of the GenHotel Selection Sale went well again. There was a lot of interest in the sale heifers from both home and abroad. Shortly after the opening of the auction, the first heifer was sold very quickly. Ultimately, with the more expensive sale lots... Read more


New female top 100 NVI R&W

It took some time, but since this week the official top 100 list NVI ​​for females in The Netherlands and Flanders has been published. The black and white as well as the red and white list is filled with numerous females from GenHotel members. The red and white NVI list includes an astonishing number of 27 heifers... Read more


New proofs NLD Holstein

The April proof run for bulls in The Netherlands has resulted in great results for a number of GenHotel members. Below are several highlights... Read more


Supershot time at Bouw Holsteins

At the site to Bouw Holsteins you will find three lovely Supershot daughters. All three hail from deep, well-known cowfamilies such as Ralma Juror Faith, Regancrest Barbie / Chassity and Larcrest Cosmopolitan.... Read more


Picture Bouw Epic Finola

At the site to Bouw Holsteins you can now find the picture of Bouw Epic Finola. Finola is an Epic daughter out of the great broodcow Bouw Goldwyn Femmy.... Read more


Proofs The Netherlands (B&W)

By far the highest genomic bull in the Netherlands is Bouw Finder bred by Bouw Holsteins. This Balisto son from an Epic daughter of Bouw Goldwyn Femmy scores +376 GNVI.... Read more


GTPI results March 2015

The #1 GTPI from March is NH Co Queenhit (+2589 GTPI) owned by Nosbisch Holsteins. She is followed by Koepon Comm Classy 212 (+2573 GTPI) from Koepon Genetics... Read more


New TPI top heifer for Dukefarm!

The Tirsvad Luke Classic cowfamily is a cowfamily that has been very succesfull and still is! After genomics started the cow Anderstrup Didrik Carina EX-92 has been a great transmitter. Dukefarm Carina is the new genomic highlight at Dukefarm!... Read more

Holbra / Golden Oaks Mark Prudence

Sudena Rosa Red

Gonzales-Red x VG-87 Rubicon x GP-83 Aikman RDC

Great looking heifer with very special pedigree

Bouw Andy Raisa Red

Andy-Red x GP-82 Apprentice RDC x VG-87 Rubicon

Granddaughter of 'Red Impact Cow Of The year 2020' nominee Rose VG-87

Southland Dellia

Anderstrup Delaja Red

Pace-Red x VG-88 Nugget RDC x VG-89 Aikman RDC

► Delaja-Red is one of the highest Pace-Red daughters

Bouw Top Red Daisy

AltaTop-Red x Pace-Red x VG-88 Nugget RDC

Bouw Delphine

AltaC-Red x Pace-Red x VG-88 Nugget RDC

Apina Massia

Sanderij Riva's Smile 1 Red

Jacuzzi-Red x GP-83 Riverboy RF x VG-85 Brekem RDC

► Top 50 gNVI Jacuzzi-Red with tremendous fat potential.

Wilder Kanu

K&L ST Kantika Red

Solitair P Red x VG-85 Pace-Red x VG-87 Board

K&L Rm Kanuzi Red

Jacuzzi-Red x GP-83 Dreamboy x VG-88 Battlecry

► Early and red Delta Jacuzzi-Red daughter with skyhigh genomics for components and health traits.

Poppe 3STAR Kanu 1986 Red

AltaC-Red x Emperor RDC x VG-87 Board

Poppe 3STAR Kanu 1986 Red shows a flawless R&W RZG-profile with 157 RZG! 

Planet Silk

K&L OH Smashing P Red

Match P RDC x GP-83 Salvatore RC x Rubicon

KHW Goldwyn Aiko RC

3STAR Aikaline-Red

Watson *Rc x VG-85 Salvatore RC x VG-88 Rubicon

3STAR OH Ariane Red

Rubels-Red x VG-85 Salvatore RC x VG-88 Rubicon

Cookiecutter MOM Halo

Flying H ET

Superfly x Benz x Superhero

Hammer-Creek Katelyn

3STAR TS Kaleigh

Topstone x VG-85 Cidre x VG-85 Citizen

Wilder Maja


Freemax x Lightstar x Kerrigan

Proud to have bred


Bouw Goli Flower VG-87

Goli x Bouw Goldwyn Femmy

Dam to Bouw Rocky

Bouw Goldwyn Femmy EX-90

Goldwyn x Bouw Shottle Frisby

Dam to Bouw Snowfever and broodcow behind Rocky, Finder & Final


Bouw Rocky

Shamrock x Bouw Goli Flower

Bouw Snowfever

Snowman x Bouw Goldwyn Femmy

Bouw Finder

Balisto x Bouw Epic Finola

The #1 GNVI (04-2016)

Bouw Final

Danno x Bouw Epic Finola

Contact with Bouw Holsteins