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The first Dutch Wagyu sale at Veking Genetics

The Wagyu Summer Sale will take place tonight at 8.00 PM at Vekis Genetics in Nunspeet, the Netherlands. This is the first Dutch Wagyu Auction ever! The program starts at 2.00 PM and the sale will start in the evening at 8.00 PM. You can follow the sale online at

▪️ 2:00 PM: Doors open, Food available, Viewing of sale animals

▪️ 4:00 PM: Start of the “Wagyu Experience Night”

▪️ 7:00 – 8:00 PM: Happy Hour

▪️ 8:00 PM: Auction starts

▪️ 9:30 PM: Wagyu Sale Party with Son of a Baptist, Bluegrass Music

Vekis Genetics
Kolmansweg 91
8071 SP Nunspeet (NL)

If you cannot attend yourself, you can follow the sale's livestream through and also bid place your bids there. You can check out the sale catalogue there as well.


Here are a few highlights of the auction:

Dairy farmer Adrion van Beek of De Rith Holsteins will be able to lead this first to a success as an auctioneer tonight. As part of the Wagyu Summer Sale, this holstein breeder also brings one of his own breeding products to the attention. Lot 8, De Rith Holstein's Glenda 41, will be sold this evening! This 2-yr-old was recently scored with VG-87. Glenda 41 VG-87 (Silver x Repairman x Danillo) descends via the Terbeek Glenda's from the American Eastland Golden VG-88 & Latuch Ivanhoe Laura Star EX-92! This makes her family from top seller Terbeek Glenda 9760 VG-88, which was sold for no less than € 48,000. This cow family is able to mother a long line of high-performing offspring! The 305-day production of this Silver daughter stands at 10,200 kgM 4.18% fat and & 3.41% protein.

This sale offers some special Wagyu semen packages. A sire from Mayura Farm in Australia, Mayura Limestone, will open the action. This is the best of the best of the Wagyu breed. Then Mayura L10, and the high Top Gun and Q38, both strong above 300 SRI. Perfection-PP, the best polled Wagyu, and MRB Tamama, the best red Wagyu.

A special role in this auction will be taken by the „Foundation Cow“ Suzutani who was exported from Japan to USA and who has influenced the world-wide Wagyu breed in a very positive way. Lot 1 Vekis Suzutani, Lot 2 Suzutani 713 and Lot 3 WM Kaneva all go back to Suzutani, and all 3 are very valuable females for every breeding program in the fullblood Wagyu Breed.

Vekis Umimuru Red and his full sister Red Peach make the group of the Red Akaushi Wagyus in this auction. As offspring of Red Emperor they represent the best of the best of the world-wide Akaushi breeding.

Let’s look at the embryos. The following top sires will be represented as sires, including Arubial United as the current No 1 bull world-wide:

  • Arubial United
  • Mayura L10
  • Mr Marble K483
  • TF Yasutani
  • Mr Karate
  • Arubial Bond
  • Itomoritaka 42Z
  • TF Kikuhana

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To participate in this auction online or follow the sale via the live stream, you must first be logged in. If you do not yet have an account on, you can register HERE

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