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GenHotel members sell their best genetics!

On Friday, October the 20th, some GenHotel members will be offering heifers from some of the best cow families in the world at the 'Nosbish Dispersal & German Masters Sale'! In addition to live in Niederweis, the German-based-sale can also be followed online via a livestream.... Read more


Spectacular offer from RZN and Wilder Holsteins!

The German GenHotel members RZH and Wilder Holsteins offer a total of five animals at the European Classics Sunrise Sale in Mechlenburg-Vorpommern, Germany, this Friday evening, March the 24th. Be there live on location in the RinderAllianz-Vermarktungszentrum or online, to get your hands on these amazing genetics.... Read more


Arethusa Colton Venus raised to VG-89!

A huge update for the German Arethusa Colton Venus of RZN Holsteins. She already received VG-86 as 2-yr-old, but now that this Chilli Action Colton-ET has calved again and developed into a very nice young dairy cow, it was time for a re-classification.... Read more


Next Jersey Queen Arethusa Chrome Vici will sell!

RZN Holsteins (the Nöhl family) is offering a beaufitul yearling from a beloved Jerseyfamily. This Chrome daughter will sell as lotnumber 14 this Wednesday at the Masterrind Exclusive Sale. This yearly event will take place in Verden, Germany.... Read more

AHA Rubens Carla

RZN Star P Cascada P RDC

Star P RDC x Match P RDC x VG-89 Gymnast

Pregnant Star P RDC with great RZG score and even transmits A2A2. Flushed to Member PP Red and Move PP!

RZN Carwash PP Red

Mcdonald-P-Red x Match P RDC x VG-89 Gymnast

Impressive score for type & udders!!

Huronia Centurion Veronica

Arethusa Colton Venus EX-91

EX-91 Colton x EX-95 Furor x EX-97 Centurion

► Venus looks great and is one of the few daughters of Comet in Europe!

Fraeland Goldwyn Bonnie

Hodglynn Chief Bella

Chief x EX-93 Bradnick x EX-95 Goldwyn

Will be flushed pretty soon!

Knonaudale Jasmine

Kingsway Lambda Jana

Delta-Lambda x EX-96 Goldwyn x EX-92 Lyster

Rosiers Blexy Goldwyn

Ms Blexys Belinda

Sidekick x EX-97 Goldwyn x EX-90 Dundee

Due April 2023, pregnant with Delta Lambda.

Proud to have bred


Snowman x VG-88 Gibor x EX-95 Rubens
Number 1 RZG Snowman son in Germany


Morgan x VG-85 Snowman x VG-88 Gibor
Number 1 RZG Morgan son in Germany


Benz x VG-87 Commander x VG-86 Supersire


Chassy x VG-87 Commander x VG-86 Supersire

RZN Donut P

Dynamic P x Kenobi x Federal

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