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Oosterbrook Esperanto Hanilla VG-89

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Great kick off for daughters of NH HS Marilyn Monroe

Oosterbrook Holsteins owns three daughters of NH HS Marilyn Monroe VG-86 (s. Balisto), in 2018 the no. 1 production cow in 1st lactation in Germany. With this, the Heijink has the key to success, because the offspring of these three daughters are promising as well.... Read more


Photo-update Den Hamer Red Hot Feebe RDC

There has recently been made a new photo of Den Hamer Red Hot Feebe RDC VG-87 (s. Balisto) and she looks lovely! Feebe RDC is a Baliso x VG-86 Amor Red. Through Poppe Fienchen 580 RDC VG-89 (s. Stol JOC) she goes back to matriarch Ren-Bow Enhancer Feather-Red EX-92 (s. Enhancer). Feebe RDC belongs to Den Hamer Holsteins and Red Hot Holsteins.... Read more

Gen-I-Beq Goldwyn Secret RC / Glen Drummond Splendor

Oosterbrook Mrs Magister Silk VG-87

VG-87 Magister x Delta x GP-84 Hills-Day

Oosterbrook Mrs Chief Silk VG-87

VG-87 Chief x Delta x GP-84 Hills-Day

Fancy Chief from the Planet Silk family

Oosterbrook 3STAR Sunshine Red

Freestyle-Red x Rubels-Red x GP-83 Salvatore RDC

Sunday ALH Prudence / Golden-Oaks Mark Prudence

Oosterbrook Mega Watt Prude RDC GP-82

GP-82 Mega-Watt RDC x GP-84 Fireman Red x GP-83 Aikman RDC

Red Carrier Mega-Watt daughter

Broeks Elsa / Evergreen-View Elsa

RR Elsa GP-84

GP-84 Cameron x Battlecry x VG-86 Boss

The Elsa's have tremendous production potential and huge protein.

Oosterbrook Remington Elise

Remington x GP-84 Cameron x Battlecry


Oosterbrook Endless Alise RDC

Endless RDC x Remington x GP-84 Cameron

Top 100 gNVI Female (2022-3), no. 3 gINET Endless

Oosterbrook Endless Els RDC

Endless RDC x Remington x GP-84 Cameron

Nice gNVI score!

Caps Mairy

Oosterbrook Solo Marieke VG-86

VG-86 Solo x VG-86 Balisto x VG-88 Sudan

Marieke has a son in AI!

Oosterbrook Joplin Marijke VG-85

VG-85 Joplin x VG-86 Balisto x VG-88 Sudan

Beeze Oldleus Monroe

Vh Crown x VG-87 Gymnast x Shep

Oosterbrook I Pursuit Marijke

Pursuit x VG-85 Joplin x VG-86 Balisto

Genua/ Grietje

Koepon Lendor Genua 47 GP-82

GP-82 Lendor x G-79 Jedi x VG-85 Kingboy

► Delta Lendor daughter with 248 gNVI and super genomic proofs for udderhealth and somatic cell count.

Koepon Lawson Genua 49 GP-82

GP-82 AltaLawson x VG-87 Jedi x VG-85 Kingboy

► AltaLawson daughter with A2A2 and BB!

Oosterbrook Meqillia

Oosterbrook Magister Rapqui RDC GP-81

GP-81 Magister x VG-87 Jetset x GP-84 Raptown

Extremely high Red carrier Magister from homebred cowfamily!

Elites-JSJ Fac Feebe-Red EX-92

Oosterbrook Kik Feecorn Red GP-82

GP-82 Popcorn x VG-89 Balisto x VG-86 Amor Red

Full brother going to AI Kampen!

Veenhuizer Zadia

Oosterbrook Andy Zalia 2 Red

Andy-Red x VG-87 Jacuzzi-Red x VG-87 Finder

Proud to have bred

Oosterbrook Maram

@KI Kampen, sired by Vh River Ramsey

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