Two VG-89 bull dams at Tirsvad Holsteins!

Two very impressive and important bull dams were recently pictured and classified at the Danish Tirsvad Holsteins from Søren Ernst Madsen.

Tirsvad Sniper Gambia

Tirsvad Sniper Gambia is a descendant from the Genua/Grietje family and recently scored with the maximum score for a 2-yr-old: VG-89Gambia is now the 9th generation VG/EX in a row, of which six generations are bred by Madsen. This cow family is known for its amazing brood cows and sires, like Gambia VG-89 her maternal brother Tirsvad Match P RDC (Mission P RDC x Tirsvad Silver Giga-Star VG-87) @Masterrind and Tirsvad Fantastic (Famous x Tirsvad Massey Gaga VG-87) @RUW. Gambia VG-89 has proven to be a great bulldam herself, because her son Tirsvad Hotspot Hondo (5158 gICO) is the former no. 1 gICO sire in Spain and his full brother is Italy's no. 2 Tirsvad Hotspot Geyser P (4606 gPFT).

Tirsvad Sniper Gambia VG-89

Tirsvad Hotspot Geyser P (by Hotspot P) @ Intermizoo

Tirsvad Hotspot Hondo (s. Hotspot P) @ Xenetica Fontao

Pen-Col Superhero Mistral

During the Zukunft Rind Sale in 2018 Madsen & GenHotel bought the no. 1 gTPI Superhero daughter in Europe: Pen-Col Superhero Mistral (2831 gTPI & 161 gRZG at that time). Mistral her pedigree traces back to the well-known cow family of Gold-N-Oaks S Marbella VG-89 and the snow-white Gold-N-Oaks Morty Malibu EX-94. Mistral, fresh in last fall, managed to score VG-89 (max. score as a 2-yr-old) too!

Already when her genomics results came out it became clear that this Endco Superhero daughter is full of potential, especially for health traits, high fat & protein and conformation traits! Now she knows to proof this with a peak production of 50 kgs milk per day and huge components. Mistral VG-89 has >35 offspring due to successful heifer flushes, from which already five bulls made it in AI (Germany & Semex). Some of her promising daughters are ready to flush: Tirsvad K&L Riveting Magnolia (158 gRZG/ 2885 gTPI/ 313gNVI), Tirsvad K&L Riveting Mercedes (157 gRZG/ 2841 gTPI) and Tirsvad K&L Pursuit Mabelle(153 gRZG/ 2758 gTPI/ 255 gNVI). Mabelle was sold last year during the Zukunft Rind Sale to Vekis Genetics in the Netherlands.

Pen-Col Superhero Mistral VG-89 (by Superhero)

Gold-N-Oaks Morty Malibu EX-94 (s. Morty)

​Tirsvad K&L Pursuit Mabelle (Pine-Tree-I Pursuit x Mistral VG-89)

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