Great results for HM Holsteins

At Moonen's farm (HM Holsteins) a classification day recently took place in which a total of 19 females were scored. A fourth calver Big Malki daughter was the eye-catcher of this day, she scored a beautiful VG-89.

The Big Malki daughter Delta Z Amit 68, already in her 4th lactation, is bred by HM Holsteins and received a  total score of VG-89. Headed with EX-90 DS and EX-92 for her beautiful mammary. The mating Brentano x Delta Z Amit 68 turned out well: her 2-yr-old daughter Delta Z Amit 58 scored VG-85!

MS Styx Glamourgirl RDC, purchased as a young heifer at the VOST Select Sale 2017, impressed the classifier. He rewared Glamourgirl RD with VG-87. The Styx Red daughter comes from a deep German cow family, free of Bookem and Balisto! 

Moonen also uses some polled sires; two polled heifers managed to excel with VG-86. One of these milking heifers is the homozygous polled HMH Country PP Red VG-86. She is a Lucky PP-Red daughter from the German Wilder Country PP RDC GP-83, bred by Wilder Holsteins. Via Country PP RDC GP-83 this cow family goes al the way back to the famous Apina Massia family! 

Wilder Coco VG-86 (s. Perfect Aiko), granddam of HMH Country PP Red VG-86

Zohra P 1 RF (a Pp Barny P RDC daughter) not only impresses with her VG-86, but also produces well! Her 305 days production is projected at 10,894 kgs milk with 3.54%f and 3.15%p. Zohra P 1 RF VG-86 also comes from a special cow family, namely: Windy-Knoll-View Promis EX-95. Zohra P 1 RF VG-86 is co-owned by 3STAR Genetics.

Windy-Knoll-View Promis EX-95, matriarch of Zohra P 1 RF VG-86 (s. Barny P RDC)

Moonen has a granddaughter of VOG Daria EX-90, named Dana 1. She is a Stantons Adagio P daughter and is also classified VG-86. This German cow family has delivered several bulls into AI, for example the proven bull Babylon. 

VOG Daria EX-90 (s. Bookem), granddam of Dana 1 VG-86 and fullsister to Babylon


Delta Z Amit 68 Malki Delta Z Amit 53 VG-85 Z 4 88 90 92 87 89
Glamourgirl RDC Styx Red WEH Galaxy n.c. Z 1 87 86 87 87 87
Country PP Red Lucky PP Red Country PP RDC GP-83 R 1 85 87 85 86 86
Gymnast Lien Gymnast Battlecry Lien n.c. Z 1 84 86 87 85 86
Dana 1 Adiago P Goldene Aue Dana RDCn.c Z 1 87 86 85 86 86
Zohra P 1 RF Barny P RDC Dukefarm K&L Zohra P n.c. Z 1 84 87 87 83 86
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