High classifiction scores at Oosterbrook Holsteins

The recent classification at Oosterbrook Holsteins (Heijink family) went great. Highest classified were two half-sisters, granddaughters of Josey-Llc Day Suzie GP-84 whose dam is the famous Des-Y-Gen Planet Silk RDC EX-90!

These are two B&W maternal sisters from a beautiful American cow family: Oosterbrook Mrs Chief Silk (s. Chief) and Oosterbrook Mrs Magister Silk (s. Magister). A great thing is that both Mrs Chief Silk and Mrs Magister Silk got a fantastic VG-87. In addition, Magister Silk even scored a maximum score of VG-89 for both dairy strength and mammary system! Their granddam, Josey-Llc Day Suzie GP-84 (s. Day), is the maternal sister of the heavily used sire Dymentholm S Sympatico RDC. Renown sires as Schreur Laron P, Mr Savage and Secure Red also are family members.

Oosterbrook Mrs Magister Silk, classified with VG-87/ VG-89 DS & MS

Heijink is happy to milk several Magister daughters, including Oosterbrook Magister Hillegien 2. She is member from the home-bred Hillegien family, which members are improving generation over generation. Where Hillegien 2 her G-Force dam received a total score of GP-84, Hillegien 2 herself already managed to classify with a beautiful VG-86 and VG-87 MS as a 2-yr-old!

Oosterbrook Magister Hillegien 2 VG-86, VG-87 MS

In addition to the 8 milking heifers, the third calver Heerenbrik Avicii daughter Oosterbrook Mijke 2 was also eligible to improve her score, and she did successfully! Mijke 2 scored VG-88 with a great EX-90 for rump and dairy strength.

Here you can find the highlights of this classification:

Mijke 2 Avicii Mijke 1 R 3 90 90 85 88 88
Mrs Chief Silk Chief Delta Silk Z 1 88 88 88 84 87
Mrs Magister Silk Magister Delta Silk Z 1 86 89 89 84 87
Silverado Nadja 3 Silverado Abel Nadja 1 Z 1 85 87 86 86 86
Magister Hillegien 2 Magister G-Force Hillegien Z 1 85 88 87 85 86
Magister Kylhan Magister Kylhanne VG-87 Z 1 86 86 87 85 86
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