Great classification at Batouwe Holsteins

Batouwe Holsteins, the Bakker family in The Netherlands, had recently the classification of 5 Red Holstein females. Four red milking 2-yr-olds scored in average 86.0 total score with 86.8 for mammary. Outstanding heifer of this quartet is Share Dg Anieska Red, a VG-88 and VG-88 MS classified Payball-Red daughter out of the US Felder Den-Barb Cindy EX-91 cow family, the Junior Champion Red Holstein in Hoornaar 2018.

The 5th lactation Catharina 80, a great Camion daughter from a EX-91 Kian dam, is rescored VG-89 and VG-89 for mammary. The average of the 7 beautiful Red Holstein cows of Batouwe Holsteins, including the at the German Selection Sale purchased KOE Fabiola-Red EX-90 and Hiddink Tulipe 424-Red VG-87, is now 87.1 Total score with 87.6 mammary.

  Name    Sire x MGS   Cow family Lac FR DS MS FL TOT
Catharina 80 Red Camion x Kian Catharina (EX-91) 5 87 86 89 90 89
Share DG AGNIESKA Red Payball x Fageno Den Barb Cindy (EX-91) 1 88 88 88 89 88
Batouwe Kansas HOLDA Red P Kansas P x Colt P Holda (EX-90) 1 86 87 87 83 86
Batouwe Kansas LILLY Red PP Kansas P x Ladd P Lila Z (EX-94) 1 85 86 88 81 85
Batouwe Apoll APPLE Red Apoll P x Sympatico RDC Apple Red (EX-96) 1 84 88 84 84 85


Catharina 80 VG-89, VG-89 (s. Camion), as 2-yr-old.

Lilly P RDC VG-87, VG-89 MS (s. Ladd P Red),
                                             dam of Batouwe Kansas Lilly PP Red VG-85, VG-88 MS

KOE Fabiola EX-90, EX-91 MS (s. Holbra Applejax RDC)

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