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New gTPI toppers at Wilder and Koepon!

The highest gTPI females in Europe from GenHotel members this month are mainly from Wilder Holsteins and Koepon Genetics. Altena Holsteins and Willsbro Holsteins also have heifers in the top 50 gTPI in March.... Read more

Bouw Goldwyn Femmy / Ralma Juror Faith

Altena Fancy 2 GP-84

GP-84 McCutchen x GP-82 Snowman x EX-90 Goldwyn

McCutchen granddaughter from Bouw Goldwyn Femmy

Altena Fancy 4

Montross x GP-84 McCutchen x GP-82 Snowman

High GTPI Montross daughter from the Bouw Goldwyn Femmy family

Altena Fancy 3 VG-86

VG-86 McCutchen x GP-82 Snowman x EX-90 Goldwyn

Great branch of the Ralma Juror Faith family

MS Kingstead Chief Adeen

Altena Valery VG-86

VG-86 Racer x VG-88 Supersire x VG-87 Shottle

Fancy Racer from the MS Kingstead Chief Adeen family

Altena Valery 3 VG-87

VG-87 Rubicon x VG-86 Racer x VG-88 Supersire

Altena Ventana G-79

G-79 Montana x Racer x VG-88 Supersire

Montana daughter from the Chief Adeen family

Altena Valentine 2 GP-81

GP-81 Casper x VG-85 Rubicon x Racer

► Early and ready to flush Claynook Casper with 2669 gTPI, one of the highest Casper daughters in Europe!

Altena Valentine 18

Twitch x G-77 Mitchell x VG-85 Rubicon

Altena Valentine 23

Conway x VG-87 Chipotle x VG-85 Rubicon

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