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Fam. Andersson

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BHA Amorelie

BHA All You Want Red

McDonald P-Red x VG-85 Solito Red x VG-89 Diamondback RDC

Co-owned with Dueholm & ARGH Holsteins!

Coyne-Farms Bestow Jell

Alsgaard 3STAR Carla P

Sampler PP x Riveting x G-77 Dynamo

Polled Schreur 3STAR Sampler PP from the family of the former no. 1 gTPI Female: GenoSource Journey 45191 and sire Genosource Johnboy (s. Klutch) & Genosource Jamison

Golden-Oaks Mark Prudence

Koepon Marble Range 125 Rf

Marble-Red x GP-84 AltaAltuve RDC x VG-86 Salvatore RDC

With her high gTPI, extremely high gPFT and  top gISET, Marble 125 is one of the highest and therefore most interesting heifers around!

Jenniton Bolton Rowena

Stella Red

Money P Red x VG-86 Stormy Red x GP-83 Salvatore RDC

Ms Gold-N-Oaks Maybaline

3STAR OH Mariska RDC

Ranger-Red x GP-84 Riveting x VG-89 Superhero

Great Ranger-Red daughter with an attractive linear profile with promising total indexes.

Seagull-Bay Oman Mirror

Alsgaard 3STAR Inez

Stardancer x GP-83 Rome x GP-82 Rubi Agronaut

NTM$ 29!

Liddleholme Reality

Goldwyn x EX-96 Yoder x VG-88 Numero Uno

Val-Bisson Shottle Imelda

Alsgaard Unix Dolce

Unix x VG-87 Undenied x VG-86 Archrival

By far the highest gPTAT Unix daughter in Europe! Maternal sister of Prima Dona by King Doc, with a stunning gPTAT score!

Alsgard Adobe Dolce RDC

Ranger-Red x Unix x VG-87 Undenied

Wilder Kanu 111 RDC

Alsgaard 3STAR Ivy Red

Money P Red x GP-83 Gywer RDC x GP-84 Pace-Red

Visstein K&L Money P Red from the special Wilder K family!

Wilder Suntime 1 red

Cartoon P Red x VG-85 Mark RDC x VG-86 Imax

Number 1 gTPI Cartoon P Red in Europe with super daughter fertility and high gRZG, from the successful Apina Massia family. Dam Wilder Suntime Red VG-85 produces more than 40 kgs milk per day with high components. Many bulls at AI-studs, such as Wilder Smile, Sanderij Payback Red and Sanderij Ginger Red.

Wulfstock Mabelpoll P

SHK Maiblume

Mahomes x GP-84 Semino x VG-85 Board

She is one of the top gRZG Mahomes daughters and Top PFT in Europe! Mahomes out of a full sister to KNS Simon P Top health breeding gRZGesund and good conformation with gRZE, % fat and % protein

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