Magnificent milking heifers at Highlight Sale

Are you looking for something 'udderly good' from extremely interesting cow families? Tonight during the Highlight Sale there will be 9 milking heifers sold!

Videos of these heifers can be found on These can only be watched after you have an account at and also activated your account! You can also bid during the 'pre-bidding' after registration. Tonight from 8.00PM (C.E.T.) you can follow the Highlight Sale online, where the lot numbers will be auctioned in catalogue order.

Lot 12 KNS Miss Batch P [Batch P x VG-85 Board x GP-84 Balisto]

  • Full sister from the AI sire KNS Bachelor P. 2nd milkrecording: 32.5 kgM, 4.11%F & 3.41%P

LOT 13 THI Dallas VG-85 [Sound System x VG-86 Racer x VG-87 Mogul]

  • From the De-Su 7012 EX-92 family. 2nd milk recording: 39.1 kgM, 4.06%F & 3.60%P

LOT 15 Brinta P VG-85 [Steel PP x VG-89 Gorch Fock x VG-89 Mr. Sam]

  • Conant-Acres-JY Bell-Steff EX-92 family. 3rd milk recording: 29.8 kgM 3.93%F & 3.18%P 

LOT 29 KOE Ladysun Red [Jordy-Red x GP-84 Arvis x VG-86 Pitbull]

  • Robthom Ivory Mark EX-94 familY. Current production +/- 36kg/day. 
    Video at


LOT 31 COL Feeling VG-86  [Undenied x VG-87 Beemer x VG-87 Delta]

  •  Quality Astre Felic EX-95 family. First milk recording: 36.3 kgM, 3.46%F & 3.10%P

LOT 49 WIT Indoor [Doorman x VG-87 Golden Dreams x EX-90 McCutchen]

  • From the famous showcow M.E.DAL Stormatic Ilma EX-95. 2nd milk recording: 35.3 kgM. 
    Video at website.


LOT 50 KNS Miss Semino P [Semino x VG-85 Board x GP-84 Balisto]

  • Full sister of AI sire KNS Simon P. 2nd milk recording: 34.2 kg M, 3.91%F & 3.37%P

LOT 51 KOE Lorna Red [Jordy-Red x EX-92 Destry x VG-85 Megall]

  • From the Junior Champion DHV Show 2015. Produces ± 34kg milk per day

LOT 52 Nadja [Shottle x VG-85 Defender x GP-84 Goldwyn]

  • Ready to show: 35.7kgM, 5.57%F & 2.86%P. 
    Dec 8th 2020 inseminated with Rafting (sexed).

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